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Production scanners for advanced digitisation

Digitisation has become almost mandatory for company documents.

Digital transformation is increasingly commonplace in the business world. Whether it's invoices, client files or employee documents, digitisation has become a question of performance, productivity and responsiveness. This makes the choice of scanner an important one in the interests of implementing an effective EDM (electronic document management) system. Boost productivity with super-fast digitisation and an automatic document feeder for scanning series of documents.

Departments which process large volumes of paper need digitisation in order to stay on top of things, determining the right processes and the right products. Our production scanners enable ultra-fast document digitisation. Combined with the power of the recognition engines, this will help you to gain a foothold in the world of process automation and EDM

Scanner Canon DR-C230

Scanner Canon DR-C230

Scanner Canon DR-C240

Scanner Canon DR-C240

Scanner SCANFRONT 400

Scanner SCANFRONT 400

Scanner DR-M160 II

Scanner DR-M160 II

Select the level of digitisation that's right for you :

Depending on capture tools

> ADR: Automatic Document Reading
> IDR: Intelligent Document Recognition
> OCR: Optical Character Recognition (can be used to automatically extract information and/or content from documents. This information is then used as descriptive metadata, making it easier to search for a document in an EDM system, for instance.

Depending on volume

> Document loading capacity
> Document digitisation speed
> Size of documents requiring digitisation

Scanner Canon DR-C230

Canon DR-C230 Production Scanner

The imageFormula DR-C230 is a powerful and ultra-compact office scanner. Featuring a robust design and reliable paper handling, it has the capacity to scan documents in a range of sizes and formats, including passports and family record books.
Scans 60 A4 pages on both sides per minute, 60 sheet feeder.

Canon DR-C240 Production Scanner

The Canon DR-C240 document scanner is compact, making it perfect for even the most demanding working groups and customer-facing environments. With the capacity to scan up to 4,000 documents a day, this scanner is ideal for occasional jobs and coping with peaks in digitisation needs.
Scans 45 A4 pages on both sides per minute, 60 A4 sheet feeder

Scanner Canon DR-C240

The advantages of our support

Maximum 8-hour response time

Notre service client vous propose : une intervention standard sous 8h, une intervention spécifique pour les métiers où le scanner est indispensable à l’activité sous 2h.

Including labour and travel costs

Our maintenance contracts include travel costs and the time spent by our technicians getting you back up and running again, ensuring optimum service quality.

Internal hotline in France

Our customer services departments are located on-site, ensuring a local service. From our call handlers to our technicians, all our staff are committed to ensuring your needs are met.
Scanner SCANFRONT 400

ScanFront 400 production scanner

The Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 is the best network scanner for simplifying your document flows. Its simple interface makes it quick and easy to digitise to email, network files, an FTP site, a USB stick, a fax machine or a printer, using the backlit 25.7 cm TFT touchscreen.
Scans 45 A4 pages on both sides per minute / 60 A4 page feeder.

DR-M160 II production scanner

Featuring a robust design and extremely reliable paper handling, the DR-M160II compact scanner is ideal for high to very high digitisation volumes.
Scans 60 A4 pages on both sides per minute / 60 A4 page feeder.

Scanner DR-M160 II

Scanner rental quote

The rental of professional scanners is the most efficient way to digitize your documents and feed your EDM.
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