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C'Pro devient Koesio. On change de marque mais pas d'état d'esprit.




with digital challenges


with digital challenges

Mobility, speed, security and performance for your digital tools

Connecting all your digital systems is no longer an option, but a real imperative for your organization, whatever its size, in order to gain in efficiency, fluidity and performance, while bringing new working comfort to your teams.

To support you in this (r)evolution, Koesio experts, specialists and leaders in document and digital information processing for 32 years, optimize, define, develop and ensure the convergence of all your digital tools: document management, IT (from the desktop to the cloud, via infrastructure), ERP and data management, telecoms, security.

From financing these solutions to maintaining them in operational condition, Koesio takes care of every aspect of your digital project.

The acceleration of businesses and the extreme agility of recent years have made the digital revolution a reality

And Koesio is at your side to meet these challenges! Specialized in information processing, whether documentary or digital, the breadth of our offer and the depth of our expertise enable us to support all types of organization in their digital projects.

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Micro Enterprises

With limited financial capacity, micro businesses seek turnkey solutions, effective, within a small budget. Their need for security and structuring are low at this stage, they need fundamental tools that get the job done.


SMEs, VSEs must be supported by a local partner to benefit from the provision of IT resources and ready-to-use digital solutions. A real plus for gaining agility and performance, safely.
Koesio répond à vos projets numériques

ETI and large companies

Large companies are looking for a lasting service provider throughout France with digital expertise to meet the challenges of collaboration, structuring, and cybercrime, and are interested in energy efficiency.

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Public authorities and institutions

Public institutions need secure and precise traceability of their data. Implementing high application availability is essential in the design of their infrastructures, while respecting energy efficiency.
current vacancies at Koesio
years of experience in information processing, documentary or digital
branches in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Monaco
digital experts
customers, SMEs, large companies and local governments
Koesio, une communauté d'experts du numérique

choose Koesio?


A Digital Services Company that anticipates digital developments


A committed player who wants to take part in the challenges facing our society


Local customer service, fully in-house at our branches


The strength of a national network combined with the flexibility of our local agencies


A single digital contact for your transformation


A company that works seriously without taking itself too seriously

Koesio is very proud to be part of a social utility, through a raison d'être.

It was co-constructed around a collective approach that called on all employees to contribute. The raison d’être is a phrase, and the important thing will be how to translate it into concrete short- and long-term action plans. We’ll be doing our utmost to achieve this through a collaborative approach. But in the beginning, there’s always a phrase. Here’s ours:


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