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Professional printer rental

Leasing, for worry-free management of your professional printer fleet

Simplify your life with an all-inclusive contract, the "Contrat intégral", which groups together all the services linked to your professional printer: rent, copies, assistance contract.

Benefit from a single copy cost for all your printing equipment. More than 80% of companies choose to rent printers. What about you? Get a professional printer on short or long-term rental, and choose from over 30 models from the market’s leading brands: Canon, Toshiba, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera.

We have chosen to maintain our independence by offering several leading printer brands. Focused on your needs, our teams will support and guide you in your choice of printer, according to your printing and scanning requirements.

A4 black and white printers

A4 color printers

A3 black laser printers

A3 color laser printers

Take advantage of our professional printer rental services:

Deployment & Maintenance

> Delivery and installation of your photocopier
> On-site assistance in case of malfunction
> Free replacement of wearing parts
> In-house hotline to answer all your questions

Services & Automation

> Software and driver updates
> Automatic feedback and supply of printer cartridges
> Customer interface for cartridge orders and printer service requests

Location d’imprimantes A4 noir et blanc avec Koesio

A4 black & white printer rental

Choose the ideal solution for low-cost productivity with black A4 printer rental.
Compact and reliable, A4 black and white laser printers are highly efficient and space-saving for your office. Instantly connectable to your network, powerful and fast, A4 black & white laser printers give you professional print quality. Depending on the printer model, you’ll find the classic functions you need: scanner, fax, mobile printing and security. Depending on your print speed requirements, you’ll find black & white A4 printers for hire that can print up to 60 pages per minute, with a very short warm-up time to respond quickly to your print requirements.

A4 color printer rental

A4 color printer rental brings you an indispensable ally for office environments.
Its small size will seduce you for your A4 color office printer needs.
Its color printing quality gives a truly professional finish to your color prints. When you rent an A4 color printer, you’ll benefit from all the features you need for professional use: scanner, fax, mobile printing and security. These A4 color printers offer print speeds from 25 to 50 pages per minute. Some come with a quick-start option for virtually instant printing. With their touch screens, you can easily and intuitively use all the functions of your A4 color laser printer.

Location d’imprimantes A4 couleur avec Koesio

The benefits of our support

Response time within 8 hours

Our customer service offers you: a standard intervention within 8 hours, a specific intervention within 2 hours for trades where the multifunction is essential to the activity.

Labour and travel included

Our maintenance contracts include travel and time spent by our technicians to help you out. This enables us to guarantee you optimum service quality.

Consumables and cartridge shipment included

We include everything to do with ink cartridges in your contract, replacing them with new ones. The assurance of your equipment’s availability.

An in-house hotline in France

Our customer service department is located on our premises, to ensure local service. From the hotline to the technicians, all our team members are committed to meeting your needs.
Location d’imprimantes professionnelles laser noir et blanc A3 avec Koesio

Rental of professional black & white A3 laser printers

Professionalize your printing with A3 black printer rentals.
With high print speeds that can exceed 100 pages per minute, A3 laser printers offer a full range of print-related functions.
With rights management, security and connections to electronic document management software, they’re an indispensable business tool. A3 laser printers can handle even higher print volumes.

Rental of A3 color laser printers

The most complete equipment for your business, with controlled costs thanks to A3 color printer rentals.
These printers adapt to all your printing needs. Incorporating advanced finishing options for high-quality color printing, they are suitable for most small and medium-sized business equipment.
Speed, rapid job turnaround, quick duplexing, color scanning, they give you the best to meet your document production expectations.
They are equipped with all the ancillary functions: scanning, faxing, secure printing, and links with EDM (Electronic Document Management).

Location d’imprimantes professionnelles laser couleur A3 avec Koesio

Professional printer rental quotes

When it comes to purchasing your professional printer, you have 2 options: buying or leasing. There are various leasing solutions to help you manage your budget. Simplify your life with an all-inclusive leasing contract, including maintenance by our technicians, replacement parts and cartridges for your business printer.
By financing your professional color printer, you benefit from an upgradeable product that’s easy to replace. So your business stays on top of its productivity tools.

Our experts in 190 branches in France, Belgium and Luxembourg are there to advise you and answer your questions within 24 hours!
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