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Unified communications - helping your company to succeed

Unified communications means you can be accessible everywhere you go, across all your devices.

In an era when communication has to be as simple and as responsive as possible, both within a company and with your clients, unified communications is essential. Whether it’s IP telephony, instant messaging, audio and video conferencing or shared diaries and directories, the aim is to boost productivity through the wealth of applications available, but without confusing employees with too many tools. This can be achieved through a wider strategy of unified communications, factoring in the technical environment and the ease of use of tools.

In the interests of flexibility, and in order to tackle increasingly competitive markets, unified communications can play a major role.


A new dynamic for your virtual meetings. Save time and boost productivity with a user-oriented solution.

Softphone - fully web-based communication

Comprehensive collaborative work solutions combining landline and mobile telephony, instant messaging, employee availability and much more into one single tool

Collaborative work tools

Boost flexibility within your company with the Microsoft 365 suite, shared workspaces and a whole ecosystem for collaborative work.

Companies are moving towards closer collaboration and smooth communication between different levels within the company.


The aim of your collaborative project is to streamline your communication channels - not to confuse your employees with too many tools. At Koesio, we can help you to identify your communication channels, the goal being to unify tools to the greatest possible extent:
> identifying communication systems
> determining communication needs
> devising tailored software architecture

Change support

Our personnel can help you to deploy your unified communications, supporting you at every stage of your collaborative project:
> Installation and deployment
> Configuration and linking up tools
> Training for staff

Video and audio conferencing

Video and audio conferencing

The best-known aspect of unified communications is video and audio conferencing. When it comes to cross-company projects, organisations are seeking ever greater levels of flexibility from employees, resulting in more frequent exchanges within rapid decision cycles. This is the main advantage of video conferencing solutions, which are now extremely easy to use and allow for the same level of productivity as with face-to-face working. With features ranging from file and screen sharing to comments/notes and smart webcam control, the aim of this unified communications solution is to create the exact same dynamic as in real-time.

There are a range of advantages to these audio and video solutions: > Cut transport and travelling costs > Streamline exchanges with staff, subsidiaries, suppliers, etc. > Improve global communication and the speed at which information is shared

This all contributes to boosting productivity, helping your company to become more competitive.

Unify across all your devices using softphone communication

Unify across all your devices using softphone communication Telephony solutions now come with more and more features of unified communications, enabling multi-channel link-up. This allows you to see whether or not your contacts are available, either via telephone, chat or email. They feature basic video conferencing solutions, making it easy for 2 people to communicate with each other, without the need for a meeting room, with all the features you'd expect from videoconferencing plus screen and document sharing. These new unified communication tools contribute towards greater productivity and effective collaboration.

Unify across all your devices using softphone communication

A 360° unified communications experience with Koesio

Landline or mobile - it doesn't matter !

With softphones there is no distinction between mobile phones and landlines - the solution is installed on both sides.

Whether you're working from home or at the office, no installation is required.

Votre environnement de communication, accessible à tout instant, sans avoir besoin d’effectuer de changement !
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Desktop tools for unified communications

File-sharing and hosted messaging are among the tools most widely-used by employees on a daily basis.

At Koesio, we deliver a comprehensive collaborative software suite through the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Microsoft 365 supports all forms of communication which a company may employ. These applications are hosted and maintained, meaning you don't have to worry about aspects such as configuration, updates or security. All you have to do is use them.

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