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A new experience of virtual meeting rooms

Make meetings more productive

Gone are the days when it was a chore getting your team together for virtual meetings!

new communications solutions ensure that everything runs smoothly, with connected, intuitive equipment for virtual meeting rooms. These are practical, interactive and collaborative, adding a new dimension to your meeting rooms.

Our high-performance and easy-to-use equipment will give you a new experience of both virtual and in-person meetings. It’s time to rediscover the dynamic of meetings.


A new dynamic for your virtual meetings. Save time and boost productivity with a user-oriented solution.

Interactive whiteboards

Make your meetings interactive with digital whiteboards. All the benefits of brainstorming in digital form.


Win your staff over with the digital format of your screen. It’s time to freshen up your presentations.

What are the two basic ingredients for a successful meeting?

High quality sound and video.

With virtual meetings, you need control over sound and image in order to create a fun and productive environment. We will help you to identify your needs when it comes to quality and output, taking the acoustics of your room into account:
> Carrying out a preliminary assessment of the room
> Identifying IT system connections and needs
> Selecting solutions

Liven up your meetings

Collaboration is the best way of avoiding dull, lifeless meetings. What if you made your meetings interactive, giving participants the opportunity to have an impact on them?
> Screen sharing
> Touchscreen tools
> Minutes from meetings

solutions de visioconférence

Your professional videoconferencing room

4 good reasons to choose videoconferencing for your meeting rooms

Organising a meeting has never been so simple.
Gone are the days when organising a meeting took as long as the meeting itself. Our applications feature both calendar and contact sharing, making scheduling a meeting easy. And for virtual meetings, there’s no need to get anything set up - everything is operational in a few seconds.

Get your staff working together
With time becoming an increasingly precious commodity, experience a new way of bringing remote teams together, with streamlined communications promoting collaboration through virtual meetings. Distance need no longer be an obstacle.

Promote productivity and save time
Travelling takes up a lot of time - that's before you get into expenses and staff being unavailable. Videoconferencing lets you optimise employee scheduling, saving money on meetings, and letting you focus on what really matters: the progress of your company.

High-quality, secure communication 
Our equipment and software for videoconferencing rooms deliver enhanced security for any data exchanged or shared during meetings. At a time when IT systems must guard against intrusions, privacy is essential.

Make meetings digital & creative with a digital white board

Digital technology has revolutionised the way we work with each other, and next-generation meeting rooms are no exception. But cooperation and creativity remain important.

What new features come with digital white boards?
An upgrade on traditional white boards, digital white boards lend a new dimension to collaborative work within companies. Intuitive and easy to use, they have become an essential tool for promoting creativity and information-sharing during meetings. The user-friendly interface means you can use them right away, optimising productivity, while the embedded technology reproduces the sensation of writing on paper, without the need for a special stylus. With all the benefits of a traditional white board, it's time for Creativity 3.0.

Take a new approach to meetings with digital white boards
Digital white boards make it easy to create, present, comment on, share and even transfer documents. They promote creativity and teamwork through features which teams can use to work together and produce content interactively, helping to streamline exchanges.

Découvrez le paperboard numérique

The Koesio digital experience - boost your productivity


By 2025: generations y and z will make up 76% of the population (according to a FrenchWeb study)


L’expérience client est l’enjeu prioritaire des entreprises en 2018 (Baromètre Adetem 2018)


80 % des français utilisent des smartphones. 4,1 milliards d’internautes dans le monde (Hootsuite we are social)
Boost the impact of your meetings with interactive touchscreens

Boost the impact of your meetings with interactive touchscreens

Make your communications connected and collaborative while boosting the impact of your meetings with the touchscreen Clevertouch.

Screens - the focal point for meetings
In the digital age, almost all meetings begin with a presentation, making the screen you use in your meeting rooms important. With an interactive screen, there are no cables, no installation and no waiting.

Touchscreens can be thought of as giant tablets, giving you access to a whole host of applications, the internet, videos and much more, and are as at home in the classroom as they are in the meeting room.
Features such as 4k resolution, 20 touch points and a rapid response time ensure perfect presentations, every time.
This wireless presentation system makes it easy to securely share content from your laptop or mobile device to your screen.
Connect and control your screen using a whole host of devices, from Windows PCs, Macs and Chromebooks to smartphones and tablets running on iOS or Android.

The aim of any meeting is to make an impact and to get your message across
What sets touchscreens apart is that notes and comments can be added to your presentation while you're making it.

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