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Business management and data

Integration of accounting, CRM and BI solutions

Improve your company's performance

Koesio's experts select and integrate the best business management and decision-making solutions for you.

Rely on leading software solutions

Koesio has chosen Sage, Microsoft BI and Salesforce solutions to help you manage your business. With these world-renowned publishers and leaders in their fields, you’re guaranteed a long-term solution that adapts to the legal framework.
Whatever your sector of activity or the size of your organization, the solutions we recommend meet all your business challenges and cover all your needs.


We support you at every stage of your data management project

> Consulting and needs analysis
> Integration and configuration
> Training and skills transfer
> Support and maintenance

Management, data or CRM: a software solution for every challenge

Streamline business management with personalised Sage solutions.

Power BI et une solution logicielles de gestion et datas de Koesio

Get the most out of your data with Microsoft BI decision-support tools.

Salesforce est une solutions logicielle de gestion et datas de Koesio

Develop a client-centric strategy with Salesforce CRM.

Koesio supports you in your digital transformation

“Optimizing productivity, speeding up decision-making, proactivity and reactivity in prospecting and building customer loyalty… organizations are constantly on all fronts and facing numerous challenges. They need solid foundations and high-performance solutions to continue to grow. “

With 20 years of expertise in Management & Data projects, Koesio supports them in their digital transformation:

  • Management and finance to optimise productivity within the legal framework
  • Data and BI to analyse and gain clarity on the company’s vision
  • CRM to capture prospects and build customer loyalty

Arnaud Lory, Data Solutions Director 

Why trust us ?

You can rely on our personnel to be there when you need them, from the audit phase all the way through to maintenance. We have just one objective: to provide our clients with tailored, high added value solutions to enable them to focus on their core business.




dedicated employees


business management expertise hubs


years of experience

Why integrate a CRM solution into your business?

For every challenge, there is a solution. Whether it is for commercial or marketing purposes, there is a software solution adapted to your needs. Are you looking to attract new prospects? Or to get to know your customers better? Do you want to link your sales and marketing activities? The CRM solution is made for you.

This software tool offers many advantages for a better management of your customer relations:


  • Monitoring your customers, prospects and partners
  • Visualisation of the impact of your sales and marketing actions
  • Visualisation of the evolution of your business


CRM functionalities allow you to work more efficiently thanks to the automation of certain actions for the optimisation of your activity. In addition to monitoring your activity, the CRM solution helps you to better identify opportunities that are available to you.

You can also consider implementing a more proactive strategy, and adapt in real time to market changes by anticipating your customers’ expectations and monitoring your performance indicators. The benefits of tracking indicators also apply to your campaigns, which you can optimise more effectively. In short, the CRM solution will save you time and its various functionalities will help you improve your performance and adjust your actions. As a Salesforce partner, we can help you integrate this leading customer relationship management software for a company.

Are you looking for a tailor-made management solution?

With their business and technical knowledge, our teams know how to customise the solutions offered by the publishers. They can develop complementary add-ons for you so that your management solution is unique and corresponds precisely to your needs.


We also support you in optimising your management system flows.


Discover the add-in connectors that allow you to customise your IS

intégration salesforce, microsoft power bi et sage

They trust us

Why integrate a CRM solution into your business?

The ever-increasing challenges of organizational acceleration and agility mean that we need to build solid foundations for continued development. With this in mind, and 20 years’ experience of Management & Data projects, Koesio can help you with your digital transformation:

> Management and finance to optimize productivity within the legal framework

> Data and BI to analyze and gain clarity on the company’s vision

> CRM to attract prospects and build customer loyalty

Enjoy the peace of mind provided by our integration method

With more than 180 agencies in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, our teams are physically close to you on a daily basis, from the analysis of your needs to the training of your employees, from the integration of the chosen solution to custom developments… 


Each Koesio employee does everything possible to give you complete satisfaction, to respect your deadlines and your budget, to advise you on new options, to inform you of the latest developments in your solutions… whether it be Sage, Microsoft BI or Salesforce. 


Are our customers satisfied… the answer is yes, since 80% of our new customers have contacted us by recommendation!


Discover our working method 

Koesio vous aide en cas de besoin d'un intégrateur Salesforce

A question ? A project ?

We are at your disposal to help you with your management, CRM and decision-making projects.

Our experts will answer within 48 hours and are at your disposal.

Our experts will get back to you within 48 hours, and remain at your disposal.

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