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Photocopier rental

Take the stress out of managing your fleet with all-in-one printer rental

A key ally in the quest for corporate productivity, all-in-one printers allow you to manage document production. Whether it’s for printing, photocopying, digitisation or sending and receiving fax, we have a range of photocopiers to meet the needs of your employees.

Drawing on 30 years of expertise and with a fleet of nearly 200,000 photocopiers, we can find the right solution for you from a wide range of products. Choose from either a short-term or long-term rental, with a range of more than 200 models from market leading brands: Canon, Toshiba, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera; Lexmark and Ricoh.

Grâce à notre offre multi-marques, vous bénéficiez d’une offre large auprès de partenaires leaders du marché du photocopieur. Nous centrons notre attention sur votre besoin, pour vous proposer le photocopieur le plus adapté à votre besoin, à la fois en terme d’impression, mais plus largement sur vos enjeux de gestion documentaire. Compact ou complet, couleur ou noir et blanc, vous trouverez le photocopieur qu’il vous faut.

Photocopieurs A4 noir

Photocopieurs A3 noir

Photocopieurs A4 couleur

Photocopieurs A3 couleur

With photocopier rental, our maintenance and service package will help to keep your equipment running:

Deployment & Maintenance

Photocopier rental includes the following:

> Photocopier delivery and installation
> On-site repair assistance
> Free replacement of used parts
>An internal hotline to answer any questions you may have

Services & Automatisation

Photocopier rental includes the following:

Software and driver updates
> Automatic transfers and supply of photocopier cartridges
> A client interface for cartridge orders and repairs on copiers and printers, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

La location de photocopieurs multifonctions de bureau A4 noir avec Koesio

A4 all-in-one black and white photocopier rentals for office use

The speed and flexibility of our A4 all-in-one black and white printers mean they are capable of meeting all of your office printing needs. Designed with increased productivity in mind, our all-in-one devices help to simplify printing, digitisation, copying and fax. The advantages of the A4 black and white range are as follows:

> Super-fast, high-quality printing for high volumes
> Document security to help keep confidential information safe
> All-in-one devices are productive, compact and reliable
> Maintenance comes as standard with our rental packages

Our teams will be on-hand to help you make the right choice and find products to meet your expectations, providing photocopier rental solutions tailored to your needs.

A4 all-in-one colour photocopier rental for office use

A4 colour photocopiers are quick, versatile and ready-to-use, making them ideal for offices or small companies. In addition to their compact and modern design, they also boast exceptional reliability. The latest models deliver high-quality printing and fast print speeds.

Designed for small companies looking to keep a handle on costs, these colour photocopiers offer the perfect combination of productivity and print quality.

With advanced security and remote printing features, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Photocopier rental takes the stress out of looking after your equipment, with everything taken care of and a simple and intuitive interface.

La location de photocopieurs multifonctions de bureau A4 couleur avec Koesio

The advantages of our support

Maximum 8-hour response time

Notre service client vous propose : une intervention standard sous 8h, une intervention spécifique pour les métiers où le multifonction est indispensable à l’activité sous 2h.

Including labour and travel costs

Our maintenance contracts include travel costs and the time spent by our technicians getting you back up and running again, ensuring optimum service quality.

Consommables et envoi des cartouches inclus

Nous intégrons dans votre contrat tout ce qui concerne les cartouches d’encre, pour les remplacer par des cartouches neuves. L’assurance d’une disponibilité de votre matériel.

Internal hotline in France

Our customer services departments are located on-site, ensuring a local service. From our call handlers to our technicians, all our staff are committed to ensuring your needs are met.
La location de photocopieurs multifonctions A3 noir avec Koesio

A3 all-in-one black and white photocopier rental

A3 black and white photocopiers feature cutting-edge technology and innovations, keeping users connected and integrated while making life easier for them.

With high-volume models (capable of printing up to 100 pages per minute), a range of different options in terms of finish and paper supply and user-oriented features, you are sure to find the ideal solution to your document production and digitisation needs.

Cutting-edge technology combined with a large, intuitive and personalisable touchscreen for enhanced efficiency. Maximise growth and productivity through our extensive range of cutting-edge black and white solutions for professionals, available to rent with maintenance included for added peace of mind.

Opt for photocopier rental and enjoy modern, professional printing equipment for your company.

A3 all-in-one colour photocopier rental

Whether it’s for flexible working, document digitisation or connecting to business software: A3 all-in-one colour photocopiers are essential for document production, a central part of any business.

The photocopiers of yesteryear have evolved into technological hubs in their own right, performing all of the tasks required for document exchange. As such, we offer a range of products with advanced features to meet all of your printing, digitisation and exchange needs, with optimum levels of security and high quality rendering.

Our photocopier rental packages also include comprehensive maintenance.

Location de photocopieurs multifonctions A3 couleur avec Koesio

Quotation for photocopier rental

You have 2 options for your copier: purchase or lease. Our teams propose different leasing solutions for an optimized management of your budget.

With our all-inclusive photocopier leasing contract, you benefit from numerous advantages, such as free maintenance and replacement of wearing parts as well as cartridges for your multifunction machine.

You can also easily renew your equipment, to benefit from the latest developments and maintain your productivity.

Our teams are there to advise you and define the model that best suits you among more than 200 MFPs, according to your budget and your expectations. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote, we will answer you quickly.

Our experts, located in 190 agencies in France, Belgium and Luxembourg are there to advise you and answer your questions within 24 hours!
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