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Simplify your organization
and save time with digitisation

With electronic document management (EDM), you can archive, search, consult and distribute your company's data in just a few clicks !

Where do you stand?

Document management is time-consuming – save time and money with solutions tailored to the needs of your company.

First, you need to identify which of the following document flows this concerns: incoming documents such as supplier invoices and orders from clients; internal documents circulating within your company; outgoing documents such as client invoices and payslips; and archived documents.

Digitisation and automation are the best ways of streamlining document flows.

Discover the different applications of digitisation

Icone de Koesio pour la Dématérialisation des Documents | Gestion Documentaire

Document digitisation

Icone de Koesio pour la Dématérialisation des Processus |

Digitise your document processes

Icone de Koesio pour l'Automatisation Des Processus | Gestion documentaire

Automate your document processes

Koesio propose une expertise en solutions documentaires

Verbatim from Arnaud Velthuizen, Director of digitisation

“The circulation of documents and information is a real challenge for any organization. Your activity inevitably generates significant document flows: incoming flows (supplier invoices, customer orders), circulating flows (paper or digital), outgoing flows (customer invoices, pay slips, etc.) and finally dormant flows (archived documents).

With digitisation and automation, you can optimize the management of these flows, save time, make savings and improve your productivity “

Document management: key figures

Accelerate your organisation with our electronic document management solutions . We will provide you with our expertise, supporting you at every stage of your document management project.


% of employees believe that digitisation would save them time


years providing support with document management solutions


audits carried out


clients supplied with document solutions

6 good reasons to go paperless

Daily work becomes much smoother: with electronic document management, no more lost documents, no more time spent searching for documents thanks to an intelligent tree structure, fewer errors thanks to automation!


You can save up to 80% on your document management. Less paper, less consumables, more efficient employees…savings and productivity guaranteed!


You save time and can spend more of it on higher value-added tasks.


You optimize your customer service: document transmission processes are accelerated and you automatically reduce waiting times


Your data is protected against loss and malware with the electronic archiving system!


You benefit from a seamless traceability of your documents, you can for example detect errors in business processes!


Our product managers and pre-sales engineers support you in auditing your flows and organizing your document management. They advise you and select the software best suited to your needs from our range of dedicated solutions: ISI. 


With Koesio, document management is ISI !

To benefit from a tailor-made documentation project, start with an audit

You want to set up a document management system but you don’t know how to start this project? Koesio has created a unit dedicated to document audits. After studying and analysing your document flows and processes, our experts define the optimal organisation and the digitisation and management solutions adapted to your company and your needs. With Koesio, you can serenely envisage your digital transformation.


The stages of a document flow and process audit 


Interviews with your departments


Drawing up a map of your document processes


Definition of the specifications of your digitisation and document management project


Recommendations and support for implementation

Koesio vous accompagne dans vos projets documentaires sur-mesure & audit

Document drafting and editing

Advanced scanning software

Control the entire process of your documents, from scanning to publishing

To integrate your paper documents into your electronic document management tool, you must first scan them using suitable equipment such as scanners, multifunction photocopiers, smartphones, etc.
With 30 years of experience in this field, Koesio can advise you on the equipment best suited to your needs and guide you towards advanced scanning solutions in order to pre-integrate your documents and automatically file them in the right place!


The digitisation of your documents will require the modification or creation of documents: for this, we can offer you document composition solutions that will save you time. In just a few minutes, you can mix different document sources or directly modify a PDF to obtain a homogeneous print with all imaginable finishes.


Finally, the output of your documents can be electronic or printed. Here again, Koesio can advise you on the equipment and software best suited to your electronic document management system.

Evaluate all your document flows and peripheral equipment

At Koesio, you benefit from a dedicated contact person. He can, for you, call upon the various experts of Koesio in order to optimize your operation and your equipment in the following fields : 

Digitisation : an audit of your document flows enables you to identify sources of savings

Printing : you can entrust us with the management of your printing fleet, the maintenance of your equipment and the management of your consumables

IT : after analysing your IT infrastructure, our experts can advise you on the most suitable option for your system: hosted, hybrid/mixed, or on your premises.

Telephony : Koesio auditors bring you a global vision of telephony and Internet links and can assist you in managing your communication flows.

Koesio vous aide à gérer votre parc d'impression

Need expertise, advice to talk about your project?

Are you planning to redefine your document management? Our experts are here to help you in your approach. Do not hesitate to contact us so that together we can define a new organisation of your document processes. We will work with you to determine the solutions best suited to your document digitisation needs.

Contact an expert in digitisation and electronic document management solutions.

Our experts will answer within 48 hours and are at your disposal.

Our experts will get back to you within 48 hours, and remain at your disposal.

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