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Icone de Koesio pour la Téléphonie fixe et Mobile | Communication


Landline and mobile phone for companies

The new challenges of fixed and mobile telephony.

In the age of mobility and teleworking, it’s essential to offer a fixed and mobile telephony solution that enables your teams to continue to respond to your customers and prospects. With the end of the PSTN scheduled for 2022, and the increase in teleworking, the switch to IP telephony, via your Internet connection, offers many advantages. An easy, scalable solution, when you need to adapt your call reception locations, it also adapts to your unified communications needs, enabling convergence between fixed and mobile telephony. A global solution for all your communications.

IP telephony

IP telephony through our IPBX and virtualized IP servers, hosted on your site or in our datacenters.

The Trunksip

We build the voice links for your IP communications, with security levels tailored to your needs.


A full IP solution, for 100% virtual telephony through IT applications.

Mobile telephony

A multi-operator pro fleet, with a catalog of business phones and packages tailored to your needs.

Manage your fixed and mobile telephony fleet with peace of mind with our maintenance contracts

A comprehensive maintenance contract:

> Telecom equipment installed & guaranteed parts, labor and travel,

> No deductible, no formalities, no obsolescence for the duration of the contract,

> 99.85% Contractual commitment to annual service availability

> 2h guaranteed response time (GTI)

> 24/24h – 7/7 – on total breakdown

A local team :

> Remote maintenance of your telephony: Our telecom teams take remote control of your tools to help you with programming issues.

> Local presence: technicians on the ground in our branches to help you out as quickly as possible.

> Customer portal: To meet changing needs on your extensions, our technicians modify the assignment of names and direct numbers on your extensions, as well as call routing.

La téléphonie IP, Autocom & IPBX par Koesio

IP telephony, Autocom & IPBX

Voice over IP has revolutionized corporate telephony, simplifying the deployment of your corporate telephony network.

With an IPBX, all you need to make calls is access to your Internet connection. Your telephones are directly connected to this PBX, which transports voice over the web, and via your local computer network.

This means you can share costs and easily deploy new lines as and when you need them. You can also pool your telephony across your various sites, using a single infra scheme.

100% virtual IP telephony

With softphone solutions, you’re no longer obliged to use a telephone system; you can directly integrate the telephony solution on your PC.

Enter the world of unified communications, with voice, e-mail and chat channels integrated directly into your computer telephony application (softphone).

A new dimension for your communications.

Avec Koesio, intégrer la solution de téléphonie sur votre PC c'est possible !

Fixed-mobile convergence within your reach!

You communicate a single number to your correspondents and can be reached on landlines and mobiles
You have a single mailbox for all fixed and mobile messages, which can also be consulted on your e-mail.
When you’re on the move, there’s no need to come back to the office – you can check all your messages from your mobile.
No more compromises: you can set up a telephone answering service to suit your organization!
Profitez de l’abonnement voix avec le service Trunk SIP

Voice subscription with Trunk SIP service

Trunksip is the technology that replaces analog and digital telephony, enabling voice to be routed over the public telephone network.

Calculated on the basis of the number of simultaneous calls you wish to make, it is offered in pairs and requires a 100kb throughput provision for each channel. This means, for example, that for 10 simultaneous calls, you need to dedicate 1MB of your Internet link to VOIP.

Hence the importance of pairing it with an SDSL or fiber-type Internet offer, with a dedicated speed for voice, to maintain constant quality in your communications.

This solution also enables you to benefit from free calls between your company’s remote sites and advantageous rates to the outside world.

The Mobile offer to manage your fleet

Koesio’s cell phone range is a multi-operator solution, perfectly suited to managing network preference issues for each of your users. Our pre-packaged subscription formulas are adapted to the different profiles of corporate users and their flexibility constraints, with a catalog of Samsung and Apple phones, from the simplest to the most stylish.
With the data options in our mobile telephony range, your employees can be more productive and responsive, wherever they are:
> Receive and send e-mails
> Synchronize contacts
> Calendar synchronization
> Internet access
> Modem access point
> Access to business applications

téléphonie mobile pour les professionnels

Contact our experts for your fixed and mobile telephony projects

For over 30 years, we’ve been equipping businesses and local authorities with fixed and mobile telephony solutions. From advice to the recommendation of a solution adapted to your needs, don’t hesitate to contact our teams.

Our experts in 190 branches in France, Belgium and Luxembourg are there to advise you and answer your questions within 24 hours!
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