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Customer relationship management

CRM tools to take care of your customers

A CRM solution for every sales and marketing challenge

Are you looking to increase your sales output? Attract more customers and pamper them? Unify sales and marketing? There’s a software solution: CRM! CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. With a CRM tool, you can track your prospects, customers and partners, visualize the progress of your business and understand the impact of your marketing actions.

In other words, CRM software helps companies automate and work more efficiently. With a CRM tool, you can optimize your customer relations and improve your lead management performance. This gives you a clear view of your business, enabling you to make ever more informed sales and marketing decisions.

CRM for sales

CRM for marketing

Your local Salesforce partner


Once your CRM has been installed, our dedicated team provides daily support on Salesforce. When your CRM goes into production, the project manager holds an internal meeting to brief the maintenance team on the characteristics of your file.

Salesforce Training

To make you as autonomous and efficient as possible, we make it a point of honor to train you on all the Salesforce modules you use.

Koesio : Améliorez la relation client avec un CRM

Improve customer relations with a CRM

The business environment is constantly changing, and your company needs to adapt. Thanks to CRM, you’re always where your customers are! You’ll be more responsive and more effective in your responses. More than just a sales tool, a customer relationship management solution boosts your business by taking the administrative burden off your shoulders.

With a CRM, you can share information while protecting your data: when an employee is absent or leaves the company, you won’t lose any information. A CRM is essential for developing your business, enabling you to :

Increase customer satisfaction
Be more efficient in your sales efforts (by better managing your after-sales service, being more responsive and intervening at the right moment)
Get closer to your customers through a privileged relationship (by recording their preferences, birthdays, etc.).
Enhance competitiveness by providing more personalized service and advice

Boost sales with CRM Marketing

With a marketing tool integrated into your CRM, you can capture qualified prospects. Based on the various interactions you have with your prospects, you’ll be able to discover who they are as you go along: all their activities are recorded in the contact chronology, so you can precisely identify and analyze their needs and expectations.
You can also launch targeted marketing campaigns: plan, analyze and act accordingly.
Generate more leads thanks to the automation and precise targeting of your actions!

Koesio: Stimulez les ventes avec un CRM Marketing

Support from a CRM integrator

Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

Quality maintenance

80% of tickets resolved within the hour
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

Software training

Remote or on-site training by certified instructors
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

Custom developments

For a customized, high-performance IS
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

Geographical proximity

Teams close to you

How to choose your CRM ?

The CRM you need depends on your business, your organization and your objectives. Here are 4 points to consider when choosing your CRM:

  • Identify your prospecting and sales processes
  • Examine the interfaces you need with other software.
  • Identify priority and secondary CRM functionalities
  • Determine the objectives you want to achieve with your CRM software

To ensure the success of your CRM project, it’s essential to take the time to identify the needs of each department within your company. Draw up a set of specifications that will enable you to see whether the software you’re about to invest in has all the essential options, or whether certain specific developments are necessary.

It’s up to you to define the mandatory and secondary functionalities of your CRM software.

Define the essential functionalities for each service

CRM software is an indispensable tool for all companies, enabling them to increase productivity and improve customer relations. Thanks to its various modules, this software enables an optimal approach to customers throughout their life cycle (prospecting, sales and loyalty).

  • CRM for marketing
    Certain CRM features a module for automating all your marketing actions (emailing, marketing automation, etc.), enabling you to effectively capture your customers throughout their lifecycle, and provide them with personalized communication,
  • CRM for sales
    The primary role of CRM is to centralize your customer and prospect data and manage your contacts. In a CRM, every sales rep can easily add and organize contacts, and see at a glance which sales are in progress, lost or won. The Sales module enables you to carry out consistent, effective sales actions.
  • CRM for customer service
    With CRM, you can also improve customer loyalty through efficient, high-quality service, thanks to effective management of complaints and demanding customers.

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