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The unlimited content platform that will revolutionize your digital signage!

Engage your audiences with powerful, ready-to-use videos!

The acceleration of video consumption in recent years is nothing short of impressive!
In 2019, users spent an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching videos online, an increase of 59% compared to 2016, three years earlier (Limelight, 2019). And the last few years have only accelerated this trend a little more!


Video is an extremely powerful medium for getting messages across, but creating compelling video content takes time and money. To address this challenge, we have created Koesio TV, a package of dynamic, inspiring, and original content for your digital signage.

No more wondering what to put on your screens, Koesio TV brings you an unlimited video content package and new content every month!

The video content revolution for impactful digital signage!

A package of unlimited content

Increase your audience's engagement with powerful, ready-to-use, unlimited videos! And every month, new content created by our teams.

A wide range of screens to broadcast

A wide range of screens adapted to digital signage: vertical, horizontal, totem, ... and we can also simply add the Koesio TV player to your existing screens.

The Koesio TV plus: personalised videos

You can easily personalise your communications by entrusting us with your customised video creations. Creativity is our business. Less than 48 hours later, we produce your video!

Communicating on screen becomes child's play!

A range of content produced by our teams

No more wondering what you can put on your screens!

Thematic, inspiring, offbeat, our original videos allow you to convey powerful messages to your customers, visitors and employees. New content is regularly added to the Koesio TV platform.


Tailor-made boosting of your communication

Our Koesio TV teams will accompany you and create personalised video content for you in less than 48 hours.

Promotion, news, events, from static communication elements, we create a dynamic video that enhances your brand. Creativity is at the heart of our business, and we put it to work for you.

la koesio tv répond à votre besoin de communication sur affichage dynamique

Discovering Koesio TV

Koesio TV is the French video content platform for professionals! A software solution that revolutionizes your digital signage to entertain, inform and inspire your audiences.

Its major assets are numerous and provide a real solution to the black and/or under-valued screens in your company :

  • a bank of "ready-to-use" and regularly enriched content,
  • inspiring, original and modern content that captures the attention of your audience, without you having to make any creative effort,
  • easy management of your playlists from our Koesio TV application,
  • compatibility with a very wide range of displays, including those already installed in your premises,
  • the ability to import your own existing video media,
  • the creation of customised content for your brand by our team of professionals.

Want to know more? Discover our digital signage solution Koesio TV during a demo ⬇️

Koesio TV has been designed for you!

Do you need to boost your communication, promote your business and improve the customer experience?

The problem is that you are not a professional communicator. You lack the time and resources to create impactful content that reaches your audience.

This is where the Koesio TV experience starts, a complete service offering to interact and create engagement with your audiences!

We accompany you in the success of your digital communication project in 4 steps:

  1. Communication advice on the purpose of your digital signage
  2. Support for relevant media choices
  3. Content proposal and all-inclusive software solution
  4. Installation, maintenance and financing
solutions d'affichage dynamique idéal pour les entreprises

How to subscribe to Koesio TV?

ecran d'affichage dynamique koesio TV

Step 1

You define your number of screens to benefit from a monthly subscription to the package, which gives you unlimited access to our videos.
creation de contenus sur mesure pour vos ecrans

Step 2

You indicate the number of seconds of personalised video you wish to use for your customised animations.
creation video sur mesure pour affichage dynamique

Step 3

You will be contacted within 24 hours and we will send you an estimate adapted to your needs.
démarrage abonnement solution contenus illimite affichage dynamique

Step 4

Once you have signed the order form, we will activate your package and order your screens and players.

Koesio TV, the new generation of digital signage!

Digital signage remains at the heart of corporate communication issues, as it is an effective method of speaking to its audience, be they users, patients, customers or employees. But today, it tends to be perceived as a necessary evil, due to the complexity of the software and the significant internal resource requirements to create the content. The result is simple: it is the syndrome of the black screen, because it is no longer used, or of the screen that is no longer seen, because it is the same content for years. In addition, the modernity of videos and messages is sometimes out of step with the expectations of audiences.

Based on this observation, Koesio has created an offer that revolutionizes the management of digital signage to give it back its place and make it the asset of companies that will communicate tomorrow in an impactful way!

solution affichage dynamique pour écran

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