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Cloud computing

Imagine IT services available wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, adapting to your changing needs at any time, with unrivalled security…

Deploy solutions that secure your information system and speed up access to your data.

Our Cloud Computing offering helps you to reduce your infrastructure costs through pooling, and simplifies the operation of your information systems. This latest-generation solution enables you to rapidly deliver infrastructure services hosted in France in an automated way, with a high level of customization, security and performance. It adapts to your needs and interconnects natively with your existing systems for seamless management.

Our offerings cover a very broad spectrum, from user requirements to infrastructure servers and services.

IaaS / PaaS

Our solutions of Infrastructure as a Service & de Platform as a Service

DaaS / WaaS

Our solutions of Desktop as a Service & de Workstation as a Service


Our solutions of Plan de Continuité d’Activité & Plan de Reprise d’Activité


Our solutions of Backup as a Service


Our solutions of Security as a Service

We manage your information system

Skills & resources

> A Service Center dedicated to your IS
> A team of technical experts on site
> A Service Delivery Manager in charge of your follow-up
> Proactive maintenance for all your IT systems
> A set of reports for analyzing your IS

Services for worry-free hosting

> Preventive and corrective management of your IT system
> A precise view of your IT
> Progressive optimization of your assets
> Constant analysis of your IT data
> Support for upgrades

Koesio sécurise la connexion de votre Réseau LAN & WAN

IaaS : Our Infrastructure as a Service solutions

Cloud computing is one of the components of your infrastructure, and you need to organize your cloud configuration according to your needs. IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) gives you access to secure, hosted server resources, for a scalable infrastructure whose applications you manage in-house. Koesio’s Cloud Services Catalog lets you extend this outsourcing to your business applications. We support you in cloud computing thanks to our expertise, over 10 years’ experience, and understanding of your IT environment.

Our technical expertise, coupled with our network of French datacenters, ensures up-to-date technical architecture, network security, DRP / BCP options, and high-quality proactive and reactive supervision.

DaaS / WaaS : Our solutions of Desktop as a Service & Workstation as a Service

Desktop As A Service and Workstation As A Service make it possible to work anywhere, on any device. This offer of virtualization and remote access to the desktop content of your workstation enables you to telework, work in the office or on the move without constraints, while securing your data. For your employees, nothing could be simpler: they access their “desktop” directly from the web, and can connect from a variety of devices. This solution also enables immediate redeployment in the event of failure or loss of your workstation. A compatible solution even for workstations requiring significant graphics resources.

DaaS is the perfect solution for ensuring that your environment is always up to date, adaptable to your production peaks, and compatible with a wide range of infrastructures and applications.

Koesio DaaS / WaaS : les solutions de Desktop as a Service & de Workstation as a Service

The advantages of as a Service solutions

Always up-to-date services!

No need to worry about updates and patching, our teams will take care of all your patches and versioning, guaranteeing you better protection against vulnerabilities.

Stop CAPEX costs, consume what you use!

Our Cloud Computing solutions enable you to keep pace with the rapid evolution of your information system.

A specialist for every IT brick!

You’re surrounded by experts in every aspect of IT, so you can concentrate on what’s really important: your business.

Scalable, simple and quick to administer!

Thanks to Cloud Computing, your company gains in agility, because whatever its evolution, uses adapt to your needs, without perpetually calling your environment into question. A real competitive advantage!
Koesio : les les solutions de Backup as a Service

BaaS : Our solutions of Backup as a Service

Backing up data and recovering it in the event of malfunction or cybercrime is essential to guarantee the long-term viability of your IT infrastructure. Outsourced backup solutions offer essential protection in today’s increasingly sensitive environment in terms of attacks, agility and openness to guarantee responsiveness. BaaS (Backup as a Service) solutions are closely linked to the different levels of DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) and BCP (Business Continuity Plan) that will be defined according to the criticality of your data and the time you need to resume your activity in the event of major impacting events. Our IT teams will study the various options available around your infrastructure and help you implement the solution best suited to your needs.

SECaaS : Our solutions of SECurity as a Service

Corrupting your information system by accessing your network is one of the biggest threats to IT security. SECurity as a Service (SECaaS) protects your entire perimeter: e-mail, web browsing, remote access, wifi access, centralized logs. An outsourced firewall and proactive Internet access security management solution, which our IT teams supervise and administer 24/7, while keeping your budget under control.

Koesio: Nos solutions de SECurity as a Service

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