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Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection

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Koesio attaches great importance to privacy and the protection of personal data. As a player in the digital sector, we are committed to maintaining a relationship of trust with our service providers and customers. Safeguarding our customers’ interests is a priority.

Koesio is committed to ensuring that your personal data is processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Within the meaning of the RGPD, Koesio is the data controller for the collection and processing of personal data carried out on this site accessible at the URL address (hereinafter the “Site”).

As data controller, Koesio may collect and process your personal data. The present Privacy Policy sets out the principles and guidelines implemented by Koesio with regard to the processing of Personal Data.

KOESIO's commitments

The protection of personal data is a legal obligation, but not the only one. For Koesio, it is also a condition of the trust placed in us by our employees and customers.

Koesio is committed to :

process your personal data lawfully, fairly and transparently
Collect your data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes
Not further process your data in a manner incompatible with these purposes
Keep your data adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed.

Koesio demands the same high standards from all its subcontractors, whether service providers or suppliers.

1. How is your Personal Data collected?

Your Personal Data is collected when you contact us via the website, by email or by telephone.

2. Who processes my personal data

Koesio entities are Responsible for the Processing of your Personal Data within the meaning of the RGPD. Koesio’s head office is located at 53 avenue des Langories 26000 – VALENCE, and can be contacted by post with the heading “personal data protection” or by e-mail or by telephone 04 28 38 00 21.

3. Data processing purposes

Data processed via the Site is used for the following purposes:

Management of the commercial relationship: The management of the commercial relationship with a customer, supplier, prospect, or the relationship with another contact (administration, etc.). To the extent necessary to manage this relationship, the Koesio entity concerned may process Personal Data relating to this customer, supplier, prospect or the employees, managers of the contact person for the legitimate purposes it pursues, in particular communication with these persons in the context of its commercial activities.
Management of information and contacts: in order to follow up your requests or comments, the processing of your personal data (surname, first name, postal address, telephone number) is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by Koesio entities.
Management of applications: the processing of applications is necessary in order to take steps with the applicant prior to the eventual signing of an employment contract or internship agreement. This processing serves Koesio’s legitimate interests in managing the recruitment of its staff. Your data is intended for use by Koesio entities.

4. Data retention period

The length of time Personal Data is kept depends largely on the purpose for which it was collected, its type, the relationship between the Data Subject and the Data Controller, and the latter’s legal or regulatory obligations.

With regard to the management of commercial relations, Personal Data will be kept for the duration of the contractual relationship and archived for the maximum applicable period.

With regard to information and contact management, Personal Data will be kept for as long as is necessary to respond to your request.

Any Personal Data provided as part of the Management of job applications will be kept until the application is processed, or, if successful, for the purposes of the employment relationship. If your application is kept in order to contact you at a later date, the Personal Data will be kept for a maximum period of two years.

Personal Data processed via the Site remain within the territory of the European Union.

5. Cookies

Click on the link below for details on cookie management:

6. Rights concerning personal data

The RGPD offers you certain rights over your personal data: right of access, rectification, erasure, limitation of processing, opposition to processing and, where applicable, a right to portability of your data.

You may exercise your rights at any time by sending a request by e-mail to Koesio at or by post to Koesio – 53 avenue des Langories – 26000 VALENCE.

You can also contact the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL):


You may refuse to have your browsing on this website tracked. This will protect your privacy, but will also prevent the owner from learning about your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.


Personal data

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual. Because it concerns individuals, they must retain control over it.

A natural person can be identified :

Directly (e.g. first and last name) ;
Indirectly (e.g. by a telephone or license plate number, an identifier such as a social security number, a postal or e-mail address, but also by voice or image).

Data controller

The data controller is the legal entity (company, municipality, etc.) or natural person who determines the purposes and means of data processing, i.e. the objective and the way in which it is to be carried out. In practice, this is usually the legal entity represented by its legal representative.

Processing of personal data

Personal data processing is any operation, or set of operations, involving personal data, whatever the process used (collection, recording, organization, storage, adaptation, modification, retrieval, consultation, use, communication by transmission or dissemination or any other form of making available, matching). The processing of personal data is not necessarily computerized: paper files are also concerned, and must be protected under the same conditions. Data processing must have an objective, a purpose determined before the data is collected and used.

Right of access

Any person may obtain full details of the data concerning him or her in a file by applying directly to those who hold them, and obtain a copy at a cost not exceeding the cost of reproduction.

Right of rectification

Any person may have his or her personal data rectified, supplemented, updated, blocked or deleted if errors, inaccuracies or data whose collection, use, communication or storage is prohibited have been detected.

Right to object

Everyone has the right to object, on legitimate grounds, to being included in a file, and to refuse, without having to justify their decision, to have their data used for commercial prospecting purposes.

Purpose of processing

The purpose of processing is the main aim of using personal data.

Data is collected for a well-defined and legitimate purpose and is not further processed in a way that is incompatible with this initial purpose. This principle of purpose limits the way in which the data controller may use or reuse the data in the future.


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