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User environment

The acceleration of nomadism and telecommuting has profoundly altered the infrastructure of many companies, enabling them to provide their employees with an agile IT environment.

Your information system evolves with your employees' new uses

Employee mobility and collaborative working are driving companies to adapt and find solutions to support these new uses. And yet, many companies are questioning the security of their information systems in the face of these new ways of working. Numerous solutions are available, while maintaining maximum security, to support the evolution of collaborative working.

For your employee, it’s simple: the work starts as soon as the computer boots up!

Workstation management and nomadism

Solutions tailored to your employees’ needs, enabling them to access their work environment anywhere, anytime.

Workstation safety

Phishing, malware, ransomware: cybercriminals use a wide range of methods to gain access to your network via your users. Yet the security of their workstations is often overlooked!

Collaborative tools

The acceleration of telecommuting has placed collaborative tools at the heart of companies’ organizational needs.

Managed Services

What if your users were taken care of by our teams? An efficient way to free yourself from IT constraints.

If we were to summarize the needs of the "office" employee, here's what's essential in terms of functioning

Its workstation and associated peripherals

> Workstation
> Phone
> Printer
> Headset
> Additional monitor

Its applications

> Messaging
> Office suite
> Contact management
> Calendar
> Visio
> Collaborative
> Business applications

solution VPN et interconnexion de sites

Workstations and nomadism

The increase in time spent working outside the company means that workstation management and remote access need to be adapted. Remote office, PC virtualization, VPN access: these solutions will enable your employees to work wherever they are, whatever their workstation. Your employees’ “desktop” instances, i.e. what they see when they switch on their PCs, are centralized and available with just Internet access.

No need for a physical workstation, everything is updated and maintained directly by your IT teams or ours.
If hardware is lost, broken or stolen, it’s always possible to continue working, with no loss of data.
Investments are shared, resulting in overall operating savings.

A solution for accelerating nomadism in complete security.

Workstation safety

Endpoint security is a core business for our IT teams, who have a range of tools to reduce endpoint vulnerability:
> Antispam
> Antivirus
> Security updates
> Utility updates
> Secure password policy
> Cloud backup
> Data encryption
> Double authentication
> Workstation virtualization
> Sandboxing

Not all of your users are necessarily aware of the risks of computer attacks, and depending on their mastery of office automation tools, unintentional misuse can bring down an entire IT infrastructure. That’s why workstation security is such an important IS issue, especially now that telecommuting is on the rise.

Tout savoir sur la sécurité des postes de travail avec Koesio

User workstations are the main target of cyber-attacks! Do you know which employee behaviors are most likely to lead to a cyber attack? (source proofpoint)


intentional disclosure of data


clicks on malicious links


poor password management


mishandling of sensitive information


use of unauthorized applications and terminals


opening phishing e-mails
solutions de visioconférence

Collaborative tools

Internal and external communication is essential!
Thanks to our expertise in IT and telecoms, we can offer you a complete unified communications package, bringing together :

> Real-time communication such as telephony, videoconferencing and instant messaging
> Collaborative working such as document sharing, simultaneous document working, etc.
> Office and communication tools such as e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc.

Having gone from being a fad to an operational reality in just 1 year of the pandemic, collaborative working supports the ever-increasing need to speed up exchanges between your employees. The aim is to implement means adapted to :

> Creating, modifying and sharing files
> Written exchanges via instant messaging
> Audio and video exchanges
> Project management
> Remote meetings

We can help you with your e-mail, instant messaging, telephony and videoconferencing needs.

The all-inclusive Managed IT Services offer

Koesio is at the heart of your users’ IT experience.
We take charge of your IT operations and user support.
We supply you with hardware, applications and related services, while keeping your IT budgets under control:
> Mastering, configuration and installation of your workstations
> Management of manufacturers’ warranties
> Application security updates and patching
> Service Desk (Single Point of Contact), remote control and telephone support
> Incident reporting

A turnkey solution guaranteeing the smooth day-to-day running of all your IT systems, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Industrialisation des services managés

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