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Accelerate your digital projects while controlling your budget

Financing your digital projects

The acceleration of the digital transition over the last 2 years has placed digital at the heart of business survival. Projects promoting collaborative working, telecommuting and the development of digital commerce have become vital for companies. According to the latest Twilio study, the crisis has accelerated the digital communication strategy of French companies by 6.7 years. To help you implement your digital projects, our financing unit offers IT financing contracts for all our solutions and services, enabling you to manage your budget. With no need for heavy investment, you can agilely evolve your structure and activate new digital solutions to stand out and accelerate your business.

The different forms of financing

Digital projects require a secure infrastructure that has an ever-increasing impact, and which evolves rapidly in line with technological advances. Financing allows you to move into rental or pay-as-you-go mode.


Financing your equipment

When it comes to financing your IT and office equipment, our financing contracts enable you to finance your investments over a period of 3 to 5 years. You can then more easily renew this equipment to take advantage of digital developments.



Most solutions are offered as SaaS (Solutions as a Service), which means you only pay for what you use (cost per user, per number of mailings, per copy, per site, etc.), and Koesio takes care of all infrastructure and software upgrades. You benefit from a worry-free service.


Use of Cloud resources

Koesio has invested in robust, redundant French datacenter infrastructures capable of meeting the challenges of cybersecurity and performance. By deploying your IT infrastructure in the cloud, you benefit from this extraordinary facility without heavy investment.

"Pay-as-you-go financing brings flexibility and agility that are particularly important for SMEs, especially in a context of acceleration."

Damien Ferrazzi, Managing Director, Koesio Asset Management

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As a lessee of the equipment, you retain all your investment capacity.
Your rental payments are considered external expenses. They are tax-deductible in the same way as other operating expenses.
Your expenses are spread over time in a linear fashion, so your budget remains perfectly predictable.

> Safeguarded cash flow
> 100% tax-deductible expenses
> Recoverable VAT
> Unaffected balance sheet
> Smoothed, predictable costs

Always up-to-date solutions!

Faced with the complexity of today’s technologies, our SaaS offers enable you to benefit from the full power of digital technology. We manage the infrastructure and scalability of your IT resources, so you don’t have to worry about hardware and software lifecycle management.

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