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Icone de Koesio pour le métier de Gestion Documentaire
Icone de Koesio pour la Dématérialisation des Processus |

Solutions for dematerializing processes and document flows

Dematerialization to speed up your processes

Speed up your exchanges and reduce your processing times by dematerializing your document processes with electronic document management (EDM) software.

All companies have document processes, some of which are common to all, such as employee or customer management, while others are specific, such as the management of production, delivery or service processes.

Dematerializing these processes is a real performance driver for companies. Electronic document management, and therefore process dematerialization, speeds up exchanges and reduces processing times.

Today’s businesses collect a considerable amount of data, and to absorb this volume, EDM helps you optimize your overall document management.

Gestion électronique des documents

Electronic document management

Archivage électronique

Electronic archiving

Gestion électronique des dossiers clients

Electronic customer file management

Gestion électronique des documents salariés (coffre-fort électronique)

Electronic management of employee documents (electronic safe)

Partage de documents

Document sharing

To dematerialize your document processes, EDM solutions handle all stages of your processes:

Capture: scan physical documents, capture electronic documents.
Filing: integration of full-text documents to facilitate searches.
Processing: creation of document circuits to facilitate related tasks.
Archiving: inalterability, back-up and destruction of documents.

Transmission: send the document in electronic format, or outsource paper transmission via a desktop publishing center.
Sharing: document distribution with associated rights management and security.
Search: set up fast, high-performance multi-criteria, multi-device searches.
Backup: backup of files, emails and databases. Ability to identify document versioning.

Gestion électronique des documents

Electronic document management

Within your company, electronic document management (EDM) automates many processes. At the start of each process, the document enters the EDM solution. This involves capturing the document, which may be either paper (in which case it is scanned) or electronic (e.g. by e-mail).

Once integrated into the EDM solution, the document is automatically classified according to the parameters you have previously defined. Next, the document is processed: depending on its classification, it enters an appropriate process. These are the processes currently in place in your company, which may contain one or more tasks: validation circuit, sending an alert, reminder, etc. Finally, when a document is no longer active, the EDM solution automatically archives it.

You can track the document at any time, consult it using the powerful search tool and, if need be, transmit it, using a link for which you set the access rights, as an e-mail attachment or by outsourcing paper dispatch.

Electronic archiving

Electronic archiving enables you to store your documents securely in dematerialized format. Unlike a conventional document management solution, electronic archiving stores documents that will never be modified again.

The archiving process is therefore entirely paperless:
> Documents that are no longer active are sent to the electronic archiving system.
> You can search for it quickly and easily using the content search tool, not just the document name.
> The electronically archived document can be viewed and downloaded as required.
> Finally, the document can be distributed via a share link.

Legally speaking, you can only keep digital documents.

Archivage électronique

Go further with Global Electronic Document Management (GED)

Incoming flows

Supplier invoice, mail, fax, purchase order, etc.

Current flows

Customer file, employee file, etc.

Outgoing flows

Wage slip, customer invoice, delivery note, etc.

Dormant flows

Document archiving, electronic safe …
Gestion électronique des dossiers clients

Electronic management of your customer files

As part of your relationship with your customers, many documents are exchanged and many tasks need to be carried out.

First, you create a quotation, then a contract or order form, which you have your customer sign. At the same time, you ask your customer for a large number of documents (ID, Kbis, RIB, direct debit mandate, etc.) to complete the service request. The documents created are then integrated into your customer’s digital file, along with the documents sent by the customer.

Then, throughout the customer relationship, the documents created, such as invoices, credit notes or purchase orders, are automatically added to the customer file, which centralizes all documents in one place. This makes it easier to find them when you or your customer need them.

The customer file is shared by the sales and billing departments, and its dematerialization reduces your processing times. Your management is more structured, and costly missed deadlines are reduced.

Electronic management of employee documents (electronic safe)

The documents relating to your employees are numerous, but above all sensitive. Indeed, confidentiality is paramount, yet you need to share these documents with them. The electronic safe guarantees the security of these transmissions.

The electronic safe is a storage space that can be accessed securely via a simple Internet connection. In the digital safe, you deposit documents intended for your employees, such as pay slips, contracts and other individual documents concerning them. Filing can be automated from the virtual printer on which you send your pay slips.

Your employees, both current and former, can access all their pay slips and other HR documents directly on the digital safe web portal, throughout their working lives, as required by law.

Gestion électronique des documents salariés (coffre-fort électronique)

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