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Document dematerialization solutions

Document dematerialization to optimize your document management

Dematerialization is no longer just a trend, it's a real performance driver for companies. An electronic document is often far less costly than its paper counterpart.

This is due to time savings, lower costs and reduced physical storage space.

These savings are linked to: the elimination of printing, enveloping, stamping and manual entry of document information; faster, easier document retrieval; and the elimination of physical archives (rooms, cupboards, etc.). We can add the possibility of automating certain processes, such as payment reminders or invoice validation, known as document workflows.

In addition to the benefits for companies, this also means complying with the legal framework. Indeed, legislation is increasingly encouraging document dematerialization, or even requiring it. This is the case for the invoicing of public entities via Chorus Pro, or the obligation for companies to accept electronic invoices sent by a supplier.

Dematerializing document flows doesn’t happen overnight. Switching from paper to electronic documents requires rigorous project management, but is easy to implement.

Dématérialisation de la facture client

Customer invoice dematerialization

Dématérialisation de la facture fournisseur

Supplier invoice dematerialization

Bulletin de salaire électronique

Electronic payslip

Signature électronique

Electronic signature

Réception et émission de fax dématérialisés

Receive and send dematerialized faxes

Envoie de recommandé électronique sécurisé (ERES)

Secure electronic registered mail (ERES)

The advantages of dematerializing your documents are numerous and fall into 2 main categories

Financial optimization

> Speeding up your processes means speeding up your cash flow. It’s a fact: cash flow is a crucial issue for every company! Dematerialization enables you to optimize your cash flow by reducing your payment times!

> Eliminating paper documents automatically eliminates related costs such as printing consumables and postage. The dematerialization of document archiving and storage eliminates the need for physical archives (rooms, cupboards, etc.) and the associated costs.

Time savings

> The time-consuming tasks involved in sending paper documents – printing, inserting envelopes, stamping – are eliminated, since the documents are electronic.

> Manual data entry on receipt of mail (e.g. invoice, order form) becomes automatic.

> Document searches are just a few clicks away, as your documents are stored and/or archived digitally.

plus cool avec la dématerialisation des factures

Customer invoice dematerialization

Sending out customer invoices is a non-value-added task for your staff, which is why dematerializing your customer invoices will help you optimize your invoicing process and, in particular, reduce your payment times. How can you do it?

It’s very simple, and doesn’t require you to change your habits: you print your invoices from your invoicing tool directly onto the virtual printer. Whether you have one invoice or a batch, in just 1 click you can send all your invoices to your customers.

Electronic invoicing has many advantages:
> Reduced payment times, and therefore optimized cash flow.
> Time-saving for your staff: no more printing, enveloping, franking, etc.
> Improved image with current and future customers and employees.

Supplier invoice dematerialization

When you receive a supplier’s invoice, whether in paper or electronic format, you integrate it into your document management software. This gives you instant visibility of your situation vis-à-vis a supplier, and improves invoice processing by automating it. Internally and with suppliers, information is more easily and rapidly shared and exchanged.

In just a few clicks, each link in the chain (reception/accounting, accounting, decision-maker) can access the status (to be paid, paid, in dispute) of the invoice in real time, and act, according to their role and rights, on the payment.

With dematerialized management of your supplier invoices, the analysis of your invoices, which is usually long and tedious, is simplified. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can extract and manage all your supplier-related costs directly from your management tool. This is an invaluable aid when negotiating purchasing conditions!

dematerialisation des documents

Go further with Global Electronic Document Management (GED)

Incoming flows

Supplier invoice, mail, fax, purchase order, etc.

Current flows

Customer file, employee file, etc.

Outgoing flows

Wage slip, customer invoice, delivery note, etc.

Dormant flows

Document archiving, electronic safe …
economie avec la dematerialisation

Electronic payslip

The dematerialized payslip has the same legal value as the paper payslip, and if it is not yet imposed by the State, the electronic payslip can be chosen as the default solution for companies. Dematerializing payslips speeds up their transmission to employees.

Once your pay slips have been drawn up in your payroll software, you can choose between 2 options: paper delivery to the employee’s home address via a desktop publishing center, or dematerialized delivery via a dedicated, secure web portal. In this case, employees receive a secure web link instantly, and can consult all their pay slips wherever and whenever they like, in complete security.

Your HR department spends much less time managing the transmission of the payslip, and you eliminate the costs associated with paper on the dematerialized payslip.

Last but not least, you improve your employer brand, by using tools that your future employees have already integrated into their daily lives.

Electronic signature

The electronic signature can be used for all documents for which you need the signature of a customer, employee, partner, etc.

To do this, the signatory or signatories receive an email containing the link to access the document to be signed. When they sign, they receive an SMS code to prove their identity. Once signed, the document has the same legal value as a document signed by hand, thanks to eIDAS certification, which protects your agreements.

The electronic signature saves you from having to make a time-consuming physical journey to the signatory or signatories, or from having to send the document by post, which can take a long time to return.

Signature électronique

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