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Document composition and processing solutions

Advanced scanning of your paper documents and processing of your electronic documents

Today, almost all companies work with IT tools, which is why it's important to equip yourself with advanced scanning solutions that enable you to manage your paper documents in digital format.

First of all, paper documents need to be scanned using scanning equipment. Then, the advanced scanning solution reads the information so it can perform the actions appropriate to the type of document. Once this information has been captured, the document can be converted into an editable document for further editing.

A lot of electronic documents pass through your company, and many of them need to be modified by your employees.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a powerful solution for converting information from an electronic document into usable characters. You can then modify the content of the document, without having to recopy it. The information captured can also be used to classify the document.

Barcode reading

The presence of a barcode on a document enables you to retrieve the relative information stored in your ERP software, without having to capture all the information on the physical document. The barcode makes it easier to identify and classify the document concerned.

PDF/A generation

If you need it, our document composition solutions can generate PDF/A documents from your scanned paper documents, or from your already electronic documents. The PDF/A format is ideal for digital documents that need to be archived or stored for the long term.

Cloud Connector

The cloud connector is a tool that is integrated into your scanning peripherals, such as scanners, multifunction copiers or smartphones, and which enables you, when you scan a document, to make the link with other solutions such as your DMS software, ERP, CRM, storage space, and so on.

Conversion to editable documents

After scanning your paper documents, use a document capture solution to transform your paper documents into editable Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents. With just a few clicks, you can work on your documents without having to copy them manually.

Conforming Copy

In order to recognize an electronic copy of a document, the law requires proof of its authenticity. To achieve this, our document capture solutions place a time stamp and digital signature on your electronic documents, guaranteeing their integrity, origin and security, and place them in a safe with evidential value.

Scan your paper documents and work on your digital ones with ease.

Intelligent document scanning and capture

To integrate your paper documents into your global electronic document management system, you need to scan them intelligently.
To do this, use automatic document reading (ADR) solutions, such as automatic document recognition (ADR), which classifies your documents according to their nature, and optical character recognition (OCR), which captures information from the document for further processing.

Composing and editing electronic documents

Like any business, you need to create a wide range of documents, such as quotations, sales proposals, invoices, contracts and more.
Easily create or modify your PDF documents from a single tool, generate a document by bringing together several document sources in various formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Share and sign the same documents in the same electronic document processing tool.

Scanner et capturer intelligemment vos documents

Intelligent document scanning and capture

To digitize your paper documents intelligently, you need to scan them using suitable equipment (scanner, multifunction photocopier, smartphone, etc.), analyze them for processing, and then capture their information for further processing. To do this, we use automatic document reading (ADR) solutions, such as RAD and OCR.

Automatic Document Recognition (ADR) solutions identify the type of document scanned (e.g. invoice, order) by means of identification elements such as characters (e.g. reference, siret number, etc.), logos, barcodes, etc. This identification will automatically index and classify the document.

This identification will automatically index and classify the document in the right folder, within a Windows tree structure, or in EDM or ERP software.

Optical character recognition (OCR) solutions are used to process dematerialized documents. Once scanned, your documents are analyzed by the OCR solution, which captures the document information. You can then work on the generated document, whether in PDF, Word, Powerpoint or Excel format.

Intelligent document scanning automatically generates PDF files and names them according to a unique rule. This means you don’t have to name them one by one, at the risk of making typing errors.

Composing and editing electronic documents

Would you like to work with PDF documents, but don’t have the necessary DTP software or skills?

Our PDF document composition solutions are powerful and easy to use:
> Create a PDF document from your Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents.
> Convert your Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents to PDF format
> Edit your documents in PDF format in just a few clicks, including text, images, links, etc.
> Combine multiple documents in any format into a single PDF document.

Whatever the nature of your document, you can quickly modify it using one of our solutions.

In addition to creating, converting and modifying your documents, you can also add an electronic signature to your PDF files.

Composition et édition de documents électroniques

The benefits of our support

Solutions for all printing devices

Expertise in document management projects

Comprehensive range of solutions

Système de workflow

Workflow system

Workflow is a system for automating data and information flows. No more contracts that are tacitly renewed or fixed-term contracts that are involuntarily transformed into open-ended contracts. Workflow integrates a number of configurable factors, such as participants, actions, deadlines, reminders, documents, etc.

Contact an expert in document composition and processing solutions

Are you planning to redefine your document management? Our experts are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch via this form, so that together we can define a new organization for your processes. We’ll work with you to determine the solutions best suited to your needs in terms of document composition, editing and processing.

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