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Advanced digitisation for your paper documents and processing of your electronic documents

Nowadays, practically all companies work on computers, making it vital to have access to advanced digitisation solutions allowing you to process your paper documents in digital format.

First things first, you need to scan paper documents using scanning equipment. The advanced scanning solution will then read the information in order to select the appropriate action for the type of document. Capturing this information makes it possible to convert the document into an editable document.

There are bound to be electronic documents transitent au sein de votre entreprise, et nombre d’entre eux doivent être modifiés par vos collaborateurs.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition (or OCR) is a very powerful solution which can be used to convert information contained in an electronic document into usable characters. You can then modify the contents of a document, without having to copy it. Information that is captured can also be used when it comes to filing the document.

Reading barcodes

Barcodes on documents can be used to retrieve relevant information - stored in your ERP software - without the need to capture all of the information contained in the physical document. Barcodes make identifying and filing documents easier.

Generating PDF/A

Should you need it, our document drafting solutions can generate documents in PDF/A format based on your paper documents (once scanned) or documents which are already electronic. PDF/A format is ideal for digital documents which are to be archived or retained long-term.

Cloud Connector

The Cloud Connector is a tool that is integrated into your scanning devices (scanners, photocopiers, smartphones). When you scan a document, it allows you to link up with other solutions, such as your EDM, ERP or CRM software, your storage space, etc.

Making documents editable

Once you have scanned your paper documents, use a document capture solution to convert your paper documents into editable documents in Word, Excel or PowerPoint format. This allows you to work on your documents in just a few clicks, without having to copy them manually.

Certified Copy

In order to recognise an electronic copy of a document, it is a legal requirement that you are able to prove its authenticity. With this in mind, our document capture solutions leave a timestamp and a digital signature on your electronic documents, certifying their integrity, their origin and their security, putting them in a strong box of probative value.

Take the stress out of digitising your paper documents and working on your digital documents.

Smart document scanning and capture

Entering paper documents into your electronic document management system requires smart scanning. For this, you can use automatic document reading software, such as automatic document recognition software, which makes it possible to file your documents based on type, or optical character recognition software, which makes it possible to capture information contained in the document, which you can then work on.

Writing and editing electronic documents

Like every other company, you have countless documents to generate, from quotes and business proposals to invoices and contracts. Using one single tool, you can easily create or modify PDF documents, or generate documents by combining multiple sources from a range of formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). You can also share and sign these same documents using the same electronic document processing tool.

Smart document scanning and capture

Smart document scanning and capture

Smart digitisation of paper documents requires scanning paper documents using suitable equipment (a scanner, photocopier, smartphone, etc.), analysing them for processing and then capturing information in order to work on it. For this we use two automatic document reading solutions: automatic document recognition and optical character recognition.

Les solutions de reconnaissance automatique de documents, ou RAD, permettent d’identifier le type de document scanné (ex : facture, commande) grâce des éléments d’identification tels que des caractères (ex : référence, n° siret, etc.), des logos, des codes-barres, etc.

Documents are automatically indexed and sorted into the right file, either within a Windows folder tree or EDM/ERP software.

Les solutions de reconnaissance optique des caractères, dites OCR, ROC ou encore d’océrisation, permettent de traiter les documents dématérialisés. Une fois scannés, vos documents vont être analysés par la solution OCR qui va capturer les informations du document. Vous pourrez alors travailler sur le document généré, que ce soit au format PDF, Word, Powerpoint ou Excel.

Smart document scanning automatically generates files in PDF format, naming them according to a standard rule. This way, there is no need to name them individually, which can lead to typos.

Writing and editing electronic documents

Are you looking to work on documents in PDF format, but you don’t have the DTP software or the skills required to work with this type of software?

Our PDF editing solutions are highly powerful and extremely easy to use:
> Create a document in PDF format based on a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document
> Convert your Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents into PDF format
> Make changes to PDF documents in just a few clicks, whether it's text, images, links, etc.
> Combine multiple documents from different sources into one single PDF document.

Quelque soit la nature de votre document, vous pouvez rapidement le modifier en utilisant l’une de nos solutions.

Not only can you create, convert and make changes to documents, but you can also add electronic signatures to your PDF files.

Writing and editing electronic documents

The advantages of our support

Solutions compatible with all printing devices

Expertise on document management projects

An extensive range of solutions

Système de workflow

Système de workflow

A workflow is a system for automating flows of data or information. Gone are the days of contracts being renewed automatically or temporary contracts unwittingly becoming permanent ones. Workflows are comprised of different adjustable variables, including participants, actions, timeframes, reminders, documents, etc.

Contact an expert in document composition and processing solutions

Are you planning to redefine your document management? Our experts are here to help you in your approach. Do not hesitate to contact us via this form so that we can define together a new organization of your processes. We will determine with you the solutions adapted to your needs in terms of composition, edition and processing of documents.

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