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Tools aimed at allowing safe flexible working

Work is becoming increasingly flexible.

But many chief IT officers or executives don't want to get into a discussion about flexibility, and for good reason - allowing access to the company’s network from the outside requires additional security precautions. Because flexibility is showing no signs of going away, we have solutions tailored to meet the needs of your employees, whether they’re working remotely or on the go.

If you’re handling confidential and/or sensitive data, then you need an effective security system, but you don’t want this to hamper access to information.

This is what we focus on: striking the right balance between ensuring your system remains protected and enabling flexibility in your everyday activities. And we’ve been doing it for more than 25 years.

Remote access management

When your work involves travelling around from place to place, you need to have a serious think about information security. Our secure remote connection solutions will allow you to access your data, boosting responsiveness and ensuring information is there when you need it.

Anti-spam and anti-virus software

The internet, harmful applications, phishing scams and viruses can all be toxic for your IT system. What is the best way of guarding against these threats? We provide anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall solutions.

PC encryption

Encryption, which prevents third parties from being able to read your data, can help to protect your files and data in the event of a data leak or data theft.

Dual authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an electronic authentication method in which a user is granted access to your application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence. This is the most effective method when it comes to ensuring strong levels of protection and reducing the risk of hacking.

Security - essential for teleworking

Supporting working “on the go”

By nature, “on the go” workers will spend a lot of time...on the go, whether it’s in shared offices, at home or in a public place, such as on a train. Working on the go takes teleworking one step further, and requires heightened security if you don't want to leave your organisation vulnerable to attacks. When it comes to preventing external access to computer contents or fraud, there are a number of different levels of authentication: heightened authentication and/or multi-factor authentication. Let’s take a quick look at the available solutions

Different types of authentication

Windows Hello RSA SecurID authentication on Windows 10 uses facial recognition, locking the computer if the user isn’t in front of it. Multi-factor authentication is becoming increasingly commonplace, such as when you have to confirm a purchase on your online banking app when shopping online (AuthPoint, Watchguard, etc.). Given the importance of data privacy, your laptops can be equipped with an HP Sure View privacy screen, which prevents anyone not in line with the screen from being able to see what’s on it

Koesio vous aide pour la gestion des droits d’accès et chiffrement de vos données

Access management and data encryption

Encryption is the best way of keeping your data safe - in the event of a data leak or data theft, it will be unreadable, thus limiting any potential impact.

Encryption tends to be applied within your company. This isn't always the case outside the company, but there are solutions for encrypting data locally, regardless of where the terminal is.

These solutions provide 2 levels of security:
> Data encryption at the storage space, but which doesn't prevent file-sharing.
> File encryption, which delivers total protection when a file has to be shared (this requires access management).

Managing access to your data is just as important as encryption, allowing you to authorise access to certain users or certain categories of users. The importance of this authorisation will also depend on whether or not the user has the right to modify the data, or just to read it. This is done through the Active Directory (AD).

Remote desktop software: RDS

Once your data has been encrypted and you have decided upon access rights, your employees need quick and easy access to their tools and the data they’re working on. Remote desktop software is an obvious solution to this problem. This allows staff to log in from any computer that has been configured in advance for remote desktop software and to access their desktop, their applications and company software, just as they would if they were logging in at the office.

Whether employees are working remotely or on the go, the advantage of remote desktop software is that the same configuration is required as when they are in the office.

The overarching objective is to provide users with what they need to do their work properly, while making sure that access to the company network is totally secure, keeping their IT system as safe as possible. We configure the connection linking an employee’s workstation to your network using a VPN, enlisting the services of an agent in order to establish a secure connection.

Koesio fait sécurité de votre infrastructure

30 000 %

rise in cyberattacks observed since January 2020 (Source: Zscaler)

145 millions

pieces of malware discovered in 2019 (source: AV-TEST)

39 secondes

Computers and networks come under attack every 39 seconds


Increase in phishing attempts in 2020 (source: ANSSI)
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Anti-spam and anti-virus software: Browse safely

From adware and harmful applications to phishing scams and viruses, the internet is plagued with threats to your IT system. They have the capacity to bring an entire IT architecture to its knees, and can completely shut down production indefinitely.

What is the best way of guarding against them? We offer anti-malware software (anti-virus software, anti-spam software) and firewall solutions.

Double authentication

Multi-factor authentication or MFA is the best way of protecting access to applications containing sensitive information. There are a number of ways of implementing multi-factor authentication:
– using a password or a PIN code
– using a card, a key or a smartphone
– using biometric data (voice recognition, fingerprints, etc.)

You can then choose to replace passwords with one of these types of authentication or a combination of several.

Our solutions are perfect for SMEs seeking an accessible solution without too many constraints, as well as for intermediate-sized and large companies whose CISOs have the capacity to adjust different parameters for heightened security.

Our estimates suggest that MFA reduces the risk of cybercrime by more than 75%. What’s more, these practices are increasingly common in our day-to-day lives, particularly on social media, meaning your employees will be familiar with them.

La double authentification avec Koesio

100% RGPD Compatible solutions!

All security tools that collect Data are RGPD compliant. Meet our IT security experts

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