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Improve your IT security by taking a proactive approach

From Orange and Twitter to MMA and Sony, we have grown used to hearing about hacking attempts against major companies. No company can ever be 100% secure.

Even if you have the best security processes and technology in place, there is always the risk of a new type of attack emerging. Introducing automation, contextualisation and intelligence into the detection and reaction process is key in identifying the lesser-known threats to anti-virus programs in advance. This is where proactive security comes into play, boosting speed and precision while helping to deliver enhanced security.

Unlike traditional anti-virus solutions, which take action if a known threat is detected, proactive technology security actively seeks out any untoward behaviour. Employing a register of suspicious activities, it can be used to anticipate or detect cyberattacks, data violations and other threats.

Monitoring solutions for your IT system

The monitoring of IT infrastructure brings together many of the things that chief IT officers are responsible for. Switch from firefighting to the organisation of physical, software and human resources, anticipating the challenges and risks facing your IT system.

Endpoint Detection and Response

This is a cutting-edge solution for endpoint detection and response, keeping your company safe through the very latest in machine learning and analysis technology.

Data breach detection

Companies are chiefly concerned with their most important asset: their data. Our solution identifies sensitive content contained within both structured and unstructured data, whether on-site or in the cloud, the aim being to reduce risks and to detect any suspect behaviour on the part of users in time.

IT security audit

Are you looking for an overview of your security before an incident occurs? We will run a comprehensive diagnostic on your IT system security in order to help you to identify any breaches or vulnerabilities. Combined with the appropriate corrective measures, this will help to protect your infrastructure and your data.

HPE InfoSight

HPE InfoSight collects and analyses data from millions of sensors across the world. This gives them a deeper understanding of the ideal operating environment for each application and system.

Our experts in IT security will help you to build a proactive security solution designed to keep your company safe.

What is proactive IT security?

The aim of traditional cybersecurity is to prevent your system being overwhelmed by new malware. Smart technology, employing the use of Big Data and AI, is used to monitor all applications running on your systems, classifying absolutely everything.

Choosing between preventive and corrective security

Corrective security responds to the aftermath of cyberattacks, while proactive security is aimed at preventing attacks and speeding up the response in the event of one occurring (or in the event of a data breach). The two approaches are complementary and must be outlined in the context of an IT security policy.

Koesio vous aide pour la supervision et le monitoring de votre système informatique

IT system monitoring

IT infrastructure monitoring is a crucial component in ensuring optimum levels of availability for your IT system. This brings together many of the things that chief IT officers are responsible for:
> A comprehensive overview of the system as a whole
> Versatility in the event of a breakdown, identifying any possible interference between software, hardware and the network
> An intuitive and factual communication tool outlining the performance of your IT system
> Anticipating problems affecting your infrastructure
> Organising the running of the system via ticketing

Monitoring tools will allow you to switch from firefighting to the organisation of physical, software and human resources, anticipating the challenges and risks facing your IT system.

Anticipating the detection of hacks and breaches

EDR has the capacity to monitor security breaches by monitoring system calls and the different services normally targeted during attacks on Windows. Combined with event correlation, it is capable of recognising those methods and practices employed by hackers that it is hardest to guard against.

EDR also involves behavioural analysis, which is used to recognise unusual behaviour following an initial learning phase. This analysis is then used to send out warnings which are verified, thus reinforcing learning. The advantage of this approach is that it can be used to stop a would-be attacker in their tracks: if a PDF contains a script which opens PowerShell and opens a connection to a standard port on a server external to the IT system, then this sequence will be judged as abnormal and will be blocked by the EDR. This visibility is one of the main strengths of EDR, in that it enables the source of an infection to be rectified.

Koesio fait sécurité de votre infrastructure

The challenges facing security solutions


Know which data has to be protected and how exposed it is.


Minimise the risk of a data breach.


Quickly detect any threats to data security.


Make quicker and better-informed decisions when it comes to responding to incidents.

Anticipate data breaches

How do you handle your sensitive data? Proactive monitoring is essential if you don't want to find out too late that your sensitive data is being put to illicit use. With our security solution, you will receive a notification each time a user breaches the security policy. You will also be notified of any unusual behaviour. Taking action before an incident occurs will help you to become more responsive in detecting cyberattacks, reducing the vulnerability of your IT system.

IT security audit

Our IT security experts will help you to identify any potential weaknesses in your IT infrastructure. External audits are an opportunity to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of your IT system.

> Technical audit: we compare the configuration of your infrastructure with best practice and recommendations for use.
> Functional audit: users are interviewed in order to ascertain how they work, to identify shadow IT and to tackle actual use by your employees.
> Vulnerability audit: we fit a probe to the network in order to identify shadow IT, obsolete updates and configuration issues, giving you an overview of any weak points, the associated risks and the required corrective action.

We can also carry out intrusion testing on your system and your network, as well as all related computer devices:
> Internal/external intrusion testing, intrusion testing on applications, etc.

Koesio met en place pour vous un audit informatique de sécurité

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