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The security of your IT system is paramount

At a time when IT attacks have become so commonplace that no company is safe, chief IT officers are focused on implementing effective security policies.

The continuity of your business will depend on the security of your IT system: the more reliable it is, the less you will be affected.

Security is essential to ensuring that your IT infrastructure is able to run smoothly. The primary role of IT security is protection, the aim being to prevent the majority of cyberattacks from reaching your system.

This is what we focus on: striking the right balance between ensuring your system remains protected and enabling flexibility in your everyday activities.

SI security

Network security

Data security

Implementing a backup policy for your IT environment is essential.

How is data lost?

> Equipment malfunctioning (e.g. loss of connection to server)
> Human errors (e.g. deleting sensitive data)
> Damage (e.g. flooding, work, explosions, etc.)
> Data theft (e.g. hacking)
> Fires causing damage to internal backups
> Executable files across the network being infected

Our 4 backup levels will allow you to back up your entire IT system:

> Data backup
> Document backup
> Application and data backup
> Replication and backup of virtual infrastructure

Koesio fait sécurité de votre infrastructure

Infrastructure security

IT security is vital to the running of your company. If your business was faced with a major incident, would it be able to cope? Devising a business recovery plan will enable your company to respond to any potential shutdown. Your infrastructure will be designed in such a way as to ensure that, in the event of a breakdown, your data can be retrieved, with specified timeframes for getting you back up and running again. Business continuity plans, meanwhile, are designed to allow your business to keep going, either fully or partially, despite an incident, without any interruption. If you can’t afford to lose data or to have a service interruption lasting several hours, devising a business continuity or recovery plan is essential. Should an incident occur, a business recovery/continuity plan will help your company to minimise any loss of revenue. The terms IT Continuity Plan and IT Recovery Plan are used when the scope of activity is restricted to IT alone. The rest of the company (departments, personnel, etc.) will be factored into a broader plan (business continuity/business recovery). The broader terms Business Continuity/Recovery Plan are also used to refer to IT Continuity/Recovery Plans.

Protect your LAN/WAN network

Access to your network is one of the biggest vulnerabilities of your IT system. But as we saw recently during the pandemic when we were all forced to work from home, flexible working and remote access are vital. We can help you to build secure networks that will protect data exchanges between employees, while ensuring flexibility in terms of remote access. Customising the rules and filters for your external network will help to significantly limit intrusion. You need security mechanisms across both your internal and external networks in order to stay protected.
Inter-site connectivity (VPN or MPLS)

Koesio sécurise la connexion de votre Réseau LAN & WAN

IT security - key figures

Only 4 out of 10 companies

are prepared for the eventuality of a large-scale attack, according to CESIN

59% of companies

say that cyberattacks have had an impact on their businesses, according to Carbon Black

75% of companies in France

already have at least one application available remotely for their employees, according to the EMA’s 2019 Digital Transformation Report
sécurisez vos données

Activate a proactive Security & Backup policy to help keep your data safe.

More than ever, security and backing up are pivotal to keeping your data safe. The daily threats of hacking, phishing, theft and data loss can all cause significant harm to your infrastructure. Our IT security specialists will help you to implement a proactive security policy tailored to suit your IT system.

We will help you to devise a robust security framework, managing all of the following:
Anti-spam software
Anti-virus software
Anti- phishing software
Anti-ransomware software
Data encryption
Smart threat detection
Backing up

These are all ways of boosting the security of your company’s data.

Secure hosting for your data

Les informations sont devenues vitales pour les entreprises. Bénéficiez d’une disponibilité accrue à tout ou partie de vos données en toute sécurité, à partir d’un accès internet et en toute simplicité. Leur performance passe par un accès à l’information avec l’assurance de la confidentialité et de la maîtrise du partage de ces données. Koesio propose plus d’une dizaine d’offres autour du cloud, avec des solutions de types IAAS (serveurs hébergés, stockage…) et SAAS (messagerie, office, sage…) Grâce à cet hébergement, vous bénéficiez de :

Simplified running of IT services
Enhanced security and availability Service continuity
External resources for running your IT system
Enhanced responsiveness for dealing with your ever-changing needs
Helps to keep a handle on costs

héberger vos données en toute sécurité

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