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User environment

The rise in remote and on-the-go working has brought about a radical change to the infrastructure of many companies, aimed at providing employees with a versatile IT environment.

New ways of working are helping to reshape your IT system

Employee flexibility and collaborative working are forcing companies to adapt and identify solutions compatible with these new way of working. But many companies have concerns about the IT security challenges raised by these new modes of working. A range of solutions are available, enabling maximum levels of security while facilitating changes to modes of working.

For your employees, it’s simple - work starts when they switch on their computer.

Managing workstations and “on the go” working

Solutions tailored to the needs of your employees, allowing them to access their work environment from anywhere and at any time.

Workstation security

From phishing and malware to ransomware, cybercriminals employ a range of different means to access your network via your users. But workstation security is often forgotten about.

Collaborative tools

The rise in remote working has forced companies to put collaborative tools front and centre.

Managed Services

What if we looked after your users for you? This is an effective way of freeing yourself from IT constraints.

Below is a list of what we feel to be the main needs of office workers

Their computer and associated devices

> Computer
> Telephone
> Printer
> Headset
> Additional screen

Their applications

> Messaging
> Office suite
> Contact management
> Diary
> Videoconferencing
> Collaborative tools
> Business applications

solution VPN et interconnexion de sites

Workstations and “on the go” working

L’augmentation des temps de travail en dehors de l’entreprise impose une adaptation de la gestion des postes de travail et des accès à distance. Bureau à distance, ou virtualisation des PC, accès VPN, ces solutions vont permettre à votre collaborateur de travailler où qu’il soit et quel que soit son poste de travail. Les instances de « bureaux » de vos collaborateurs, c’est à dire ce qu’ils aperçoivent lorsqu’ils allument leur PC, sont centralisés et disponibles avec simplement un accès internet.

A physical workstation is no longer required - everything is updated and maintained either by your IT personnel or ours. If equipment gets lost, broken or stolen, you can still continue to work, without losing any data. Investments are pooled, helping to cut back on operating costs.

Helping employees to work securely on the go

Workstation security

Workstation security is a core business for our IT personnel, who have a range of tools for combating endpoint vulnerability:
> Anti-spam software
> Anti-virus software
> Security updates
> Updates for utility software
> Secure password policy
> Cloud backup
> Data encryption
> Double authentication
> Workstation virtualisation
> Sandboxing

Chacun de vos utilisateurs n’est pas forcément sensibilisé aux risques d’attaques informatiques, et selon sa maîtrise des outils bureautiques, un mauvais usage involontaire peut mettre au tapis toute une infrastructure informatique. C’est pourquoi la sécurité des postes est un véritable enjeu du SI, d’autant plus avec le télétravail qui s’est largement développé.

Tout savoir sur la sécurité des postes de travail avec Koesio

User computers are the main target for cyberattacks. Do you know which employee behaviours are most likely to lead to a cyberattack? (Source: Proofpoint)


intentionally disclosing data


clicking on malicious links


poor password management


improper handling of sensitive information


l’utilisation d’applications et de terminaux non autorisés


l’ouverture d’emails de phishing
solutions de visioconférence

Collaborative tools

Communicating, internally or externally, is essential! Thanks to our expertise in IT and telecoms, we can offer you a complete unified communications package, bringing together tools for :

> Real-time communication (phone, videoconferencing, instant messaging
> Collaborative working (document sharing, co-editing documents, etc.)
> Desktop and communication tools (electronic messaging, diary, contacts, etc.)

Passé d’un effet de mode à une réalité opérationnelle en 1 an de pandémie, le travail collaboratif soutient le besoin de plus en plus fort d’accélération dans les échanges entre vos collaborateurs. L’objectif est de mettre en œuvre des moyens adaptés à :

> Creating, modifying and sharing files
> Written communication, with instant messaging
> Audio and video communications
> Project management
> Remote meetings

We can support all of your electronic messaging, instant messaging, telephony and videoconferencing needs.

All-inclusive Managed Services

We are committed to delivering a positive IT experience for your users, and can handle the running of your IT equipment in addition to supporting your users. We will provide you with equipment, applications and associated services, while helping you keep a handle on costs:
> Workstation mastering, configuration and installation
> Dealing with manufacturers’ warranties
> Security updates and patches for applications
> Service Desk (Single Point of Contact), remote control and telephone support
> Incident reporting

This is a turnkey solution that will ensure the smooth running of your IT system, allowing you to focus on your business.

Industrialisation of managed services

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