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The security of your IT system is paramount

Secure and shield your infrastructure against cyber attacks

Finding the perfect balance between system security and data availability wherever you are is the challenge of your IT security.

It is no longer a question of if you will be attacked, but when!

Your IS must be monitored and secured at all times. Cyber threats have become commonplace in the IT world, and the proof is that 8 out of 10 companies have been victims of at least one cyber attack during 2019, regardless of size or business sector. All companies are targets and protection systems such as antivirus or antispam that filter out known attacks are no longer sufficient. The mobility of your employees means that your IS and its security must be adapted as a priority. So many avenues to work on to reduce your vulnerability!

The different components of IT security

La sécurité du SI par Koesio

IT security

To ensure the proper functioning of your information system, your IS must be constantly monitored.

La sécurité du réseau par Koesio

Network security

As the Internet becomes more and more sophisticated, protect your network. Don't choose between security and performance to ensure the viability of your network.

La sécurité des utilisateurs par Koesio

User security

The mobility of your employees means that your IS and its security must be adapted as a priority. Access management makes it possible to deal with the issue of user rights.

La cyber sécurité par Koesio

Proactive security

Your security must be complemented by intelligent protections that analyse all applications running on your IS and detect abnormal processes in order to detect new threats.

la sauvegarde de vos données est essentielle

Get help from IT security experts!

To support the performance and ensure the smooth running of your IT infrastructure, security is fundamental! First and foremost, security aims to protect your information system from external threats, particularly cyber attacks. Security also involves backing up your data to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. With the increasing mobility of your employees, which increases the risk of malicious access to your information system, you need to build a security policy to protect the company.

Security: our key figures

Our IT security experts can help you reduce your company's vulnerability.


GB of data saved


hosted companies


IT staff

A global approach against cybercrime

To effectively combat cyber threats, we have a catalogue of proven, state-of-the-art solutions.

koesio vous aide à sécuriser votre infrastructure informatique

Host your data in our ultra-secure data centres, all in France.

We have set up a national infrastructure of datacenters to meet the needs of the Cloud and offer a 100% French and reliable hosting solution to our customers. We select for you the most suitable centres for the level of security and accessibility you require. Our IT experts will assist you with server sizing, backups and BCP/ERP management.


> Tier IV or Tier III infrastructure
> High availability
> Secure premises and redundant components
> Fully encrypted data backups

héberger vos données en toute sécurité

Backing up your data and your customers' data is vital for your business!

To be aware of the consequences of a possible loss of data, partial or total, ask yourself two simple questions: 


How long can you go without your (and your customers') data?

How much data can you "lose"?


Among the solutions to be implemented as a priority :


  • a global policy for the backup and security of your data
  • a business continuity plan / disaster recovery plan
  • an RGPD compatible system 


Be aware that such provisions are increasingly taken into account for your financing and are even about to become mandatory: anticipate the regulations in this area


The storage and backup of your data is hosted in our data centres in France, redundant and protected 24/7.

Perfectly secure health data!

Health professionals are obliged, according to the ethical rules applicable to them, to keep an up-to-date information sheet on each patient. As data controllers, health institutions and health professionals are required to declare their files to the CNIL.

Health professionals can choose to store their patients' health data themselves or to entrust it to a hosting company approved for this activity.

The host is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality, security, integrity and availability of health data entrusted to it by a health professional, a health institution or directly by the person concerned by the data.

Koesio, through its subsidiary CIS Valley, has been approved and confirmed by the Ministry of Health as a personal health data host (HDS).

solutions pour être conforme GDPR

Need expertise, advice to talk about your IT security?

Surround yourself with a team of experts to ensure the security of your Information System. All security tools that collect Data are 100% RGPD compatible.

Our experts will answer within 48 hours and are at your disposal.

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