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Full control over digitisation, printing and copying for all of your devices

For greater control over print policies, helping to keep a handle on costs.

Companies with large photocopier and printer fleets need print policies in order to keep a handle on costs and ensure employees adhere to best practice. From reporting and automated rules to managing flows and quotas, you can control everything using our dedicated fleet management solutions.





Our expert audit unit can help you to identify best practice for your printer fleet :

Audit your printer fleet

> Identify how individual equipment is used
> Identify user practices
> Analyse flow distribution
> Make recommendations
> Implement streamlining measures

Get the most out of your printer fleet

> Identify how the equipment is employed by your users
> Understand and map document flows
> Suggest ways of streamlining processes
> Implement tailored solutions
> Raise awareness among users

Koesio: UniFlow contrôler efficacement la numérisation

Full control over digitisation, printing and copying with uniFLOW

uniFLOW - the solution for printing device management. Accounting, security, print audits and implementing business rules are all features that will help you to make savings. uniFLOW is a software platform designed to help you get the most out of all-in-one printers and to optimise your return on investment. uniFLOW’s modular structure and its tight integration with Canon devices mean the system can be adapted to individual business criteria.

Papercut - a print fleet monitoring solution

PaperCut MF is a universal solution for tracking and controlling printing and copying in education (Izly compatible), business, local government and the civil service. The intuitive French-language interface makes it simple and easy to use. PaperCut MF is compatible with all types of operating system and with 15 different manufacturers of printers and photocopiers. Licence mode contains all features by default.

papercut MF solution de gestion du parc d'impression

The advantages of our support

Keeping a handle on copying, printing, digitisation and fax costs

Centralised management of hardware devices and users via a simple web interface

Monitoring and control over costs for each user, department, project, cost centre, printer and all-in-one device

Secure access to devices with a login + password, an ID number or access card

Koesio: MPS, le service managé et piloté de votre parc d'impression

MPS - a managed and coordinated service for your printer fleet

Our experts in Managed Print Services, dealing exclusively with coordinating and monitoring your printer and photocopier fleet, will be responsible for managing your print fleet, ensuring your equipment is running smoothly and managing your consumables. For each report, they will monitor and analyse your print fleet as a whole, identifying any issues and suggesting potential ways of reducing costs and printing.

Audits for your document flows and device fleets

The role of the audit unit is to advise and support you in implementing simple solutions aimed at improving the quality and productivity of information processing within your company. They will run a diagnostic on your fleet and make concrete recommendations designed to streamline the flow of information

An audit of your print fleet will give you a comprehensive overview of your print fleet, helping you to identify potential ways of streamlining your devices and printer and copier habits.

Koesio document audits involve exploring the possibility of going paperless with your client/supplier invoices, employee files and mail management, speaking to users on the ground in order to identify potential ways of improving your processes.

Koesio : Audit de vos flux de documents et parc de périphériques

What if you took control of your print fleet?

Beyond the management of your print fleet, identify the challenges of optimization and document flow to improve the agility of your business. Our experts can help you in this responsible approach

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