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Accelerating your processes through digitisation

Speed up your exchanges and reduce processing times by digitising your document processes using electronic document management (EDM) software.

All companies have document processes. Some are common to all companies, such as handling employees or clients, while others are specific, such as managing processes for production, delivery, service provision, etc.

Digitising these processes can be a genuine performance lever for companies. Electronic document management and the digitisation of processes both help to speed up exchanges and reduce processing times.

Companies nowadays collect vast quantities of data - EDM can be used to streamline document management, helping to absorb these volumes.

Electronic document management

Electronic document management

Digital preservation

Digital preservation

Electronic management of client files

Electronic management of client files

Electronic management of employee documents (electronic strong box)

Electronic management of employee documents (electronic strong box)

Document sharing

Document sharing

When it comes to digitising your document processes, EDM solutions are capable of handling every step of your processes :

Capture : scanning physical documents, screenshots of electronic documents .
Filing: incorporating full-text documents in order to make searches easier.
Processing: creating document circuits in order to make it easier to carry out related tasks.
Preservation: inalterability, backing-up, and document destruction.

Transmission: sending documents in electronic format or outsourcing postage via a document editing centre.
Sharing: document distribution, handling authorisation and relevant security.
Search: quick and effective searches, covering multiple criteria and multiple devices.
Back-up: backing up files, emails and databases. Lets you identify document versions.

Electronic document management

Electronic document management

Within your company, electronic document management (EDM) can be used to automate a whole host of processes. At the beginning of each process, documents are entered into the EDM solution, which is what is known as document capture. This may be in paper format (if it has been scanned), or electronic (e.g. email).

Once entered into the EDM solution, documents are filed automatically in accordance with the parameters you set in advance. Documents then undergo processing: depending on how they are filed, documents enter into a specific process. These will be processes which are currently in place within your business, and may be comprised of one or more tasks: validation circuits, sending out alerts, reminders, etc. Finally, once a document ceases to be active, the EDM solution will archive it automatically.

Vous pouvez, à tout moment, suivre le document, le consulter à l’aide de l’outil de recherche puissant et, si besoin, le transmettre, à l’aide d’un lien pour lequel vous paramétrez les droits d’accès, en pièce jointe d’un email ou en externalisant l’envoi papier.

Digital preservation

L’archivage électronique permet de stocker vos documents au format dématérialisé et de façon sécurisée. À la différence d’une solution de gestion documentaire classique, l’archivage électronique stocke les documents qui ne seront plus modifiés.

Preservation becomes totally digital:
> Documents which have ceased to be active are sent to the digital preservation system.
> You can search for them quickly and easily using the search tool, searching for content and not simply the name of the document.
> Documents preserved digitally can be viewed and downloaded as required.
> Lastly, documents can be shared using a link.

From a legislative perspective, you can choose to retain only digital documents.

Digital preservation

Take it to the next level with EDM (Electronic Document Management)

Incoming documents

Supplier invoices, letters, faxes, order forms, etc.

Internal documents

Client files, employee files, etc.

Outgoing documents

Payslips, client invoices, delivery slips, etc.

Dormant documents

Document archiving, electronic strong box, etc.
Electronic management of client files

Electronic management of your client files

When it comes to your relationships with your clients, many documents are exchanged and there are many tasks to be carried out.

The first thing you will do is provide a quote, followed by a contract or an order form, which you will get your client to sign. You will also ask them for a whole host of documents (ID, certificate of company registration, bank details, direct debit mandate, etc.) in order to complete the service request. The documents that are created are then added to the digital file on your client, in addition to any documents sent by the client.

All documents created over the course of your relationship with your client - such as invoices, credit notes or order forms - will automatically be added to the client file, gathering all documents together in the same place. This makes searching for them easier when either you or your client needs them.

Client files are shared by the sales department and the invoicing department - digitisation can help to reduce processing timeframes. This helps to streamline the process and makes it less likely you will forget deadlines, which can cost you big time.

Electronic management of employee documents (electronic strong box)

You will have a whole host of documents on your employees, many of which will be sensitive. Privacy is paramount, but you also need to be able to share these documents with them. Electronic strong boxes can help to keep these transmissions safe.

Electronic strong boxes are storage spaces which can be accessed securely using just an internet connection. Electronic strong boxes can be used to store documents for your employees to access, from payslips and contracts to other personal documents concerning them. You may choose to make this process automatic, via the virtual printer you send your payslips to.

Your employees, both past and present, will be able to access all of their past payslips and other HR documents via the web portal for the digital strong box over the course of their professional career, as required by law.

Electronic management of employee documents (electronic strong box)

Contact an expert in digitisation and electronic document management (EDM) solutions

Are you planning to redefine your document management? Our experts are here to help you in your approach. Do not hesitate to contact us via this form so that we can define together a new organization of your processes. We will determine with you the solutions adapted to your needs in terms of digitisation of your processes

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