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Automating your document processes using workflows

Workflows contain all of the tasks comprising a given process, outlining every step of the process.

Workflows provide a basis for the automation of document processes. When your paper or digital documents are added to the EDM solution, processing is automated. This includes storage in your folder tree (automatic filing), sending documents to the right recipient, acknowledging/preparing orders, etc.

Companies must automate document management in order to cope with the ever greater quantities of documents being shared between companies.

Envoie de recommandé électronique sécurisé (ERES)

Managing outgoing and incoming mail

Intégration comptables des factures

Invoice integration

Automatic filing of invoices on Chorus Pro

Automatic filing of invoices on Chorus Pro

Gestion automatisée des tickets restaurant

Automated processing of luncheon vouchers

Automatic processing of expenses forms

Automatic processing of expenses forms

Automate mail management for effective tracking of the status of incoming and outgoing documents:

Incoming mail

After receiving mail, the first step involves entering it in the EDM solution. For paper documents, you will need to add the digitisation stage. The next stage is automatic document recognition, allowing documents to be categorised and shared with the right recipients.

Outgoing mail

When mail has to be sent, simply drag and drop it into the virtual printer on the EDM solution. You then have 3 possible options: send a URL link to the document; send the document as an email attachment; outsource the sending of a paper copy of the document

Invoice integration

Invoice integration

Entering accounting information from supplier invoices is a painstaking task, but it is also extremely easy to automate, which can save you a lot of time.

Simply connect our solution to your accounting software and it will do the rest. Filing information will be read automatically, charging will be calculated based on your criteria, a credit/debit check will be carried out prior to import and entries will be generated and imported into your accounting software.

You will be able to track the status of your supplier invoices at any time: validated, subject to dispute, paid, awaiting validation, archived.

Automatic filing of invoices on Chorus Pro

Only launched a few months ago, the portal Chorus Pro is already well known to companies which deal with the public sector. That’s to be expected - if they want to be paid, these companies have to file their invoices on Chorus Pro.

But this isn’t just a case of sending invoices to clients - when filing an invoice on Chorus Pro, there is much more information that you have to enter. When you factor in the number of invoices needing to be filed, you can end up spending a ridiculous amount of time filing public invoices on Chorus Pro.

Automating this process is therefore paramount: from your invoicing software, you can send public invoices straight to the virtual printer, which will extract the required fields. All that’s left for you to do is to validate and your invoices will be filed on Chorus Pro.

Dépôt automatique des factures sur Chorus Pro avec Koesio

Take it to the next level with EDM (Electronic Document Management)

Incoming documents

Supplier invoices, letters, faxes, order forms, etc.

Internal documents

Client files, employee files, etc.

Outgoing documents

Payslips, client invoices, delivery slips, etc.

Dormant documents

Document archiving, electronic strong box

Automated processing of luncheon vouchers

Calculating the number of luncheon vouchers to allocate to each of your employees can be very time-consuming. Why not optimise it using electronic document management?

By integrating our digitisation solution into your HR management software, simply clicking a button will give you the number of luncheon vouchers you need to order for each of your employees. It works exactly the same way for holders of paperless restaurant tickets (using cards).

Automating luncheon voucher management will mean the whole process only takes up a few minutes each month.

Automatic processing of expenses forms

As is the case with luncheon vouchers, processing expense forms is a time-consuming task. Under French law, for each reimbursement request you have to prove that the expense is genuine and provide an expense form. With multiple expense forms per employee, multiplied by the number of employees sending you expense forms, you can end up spending an inordinate amount of time processing expense forms.

By integrating our solution into your HR management software, all your employees will need to do is to take a picture of their expense forms and they will be sent to your HR department in electronic format. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to processing expense forms. What’s more, employees can access their claims in just a few clicks, making them easy to track.

Contact an expert in dematerialization and electronic document management solutions

Are you planning to redefine your document management? Our experts are here to help you in your approach. Do not hesitate to contact us via this form so that we can define together a new organization of your processes. We will determine with you the solutions adapted to your needs in terms of automation of your processes.

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