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Take the stress out of running your company with business management software

Koesio Business Management has a solution to every business management challenge

Koesio Business Management has a solution to every business management challenge As experts in business management, you can be sure that we will have the solutions to meet your business needs. With market-leading software, you will be sure of a long-lasting solution which will keep pace with any changes to the legal framework
What’s more, cutting-edge technology ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing you to look ahead to the future with confidence.



Manufacturing process management


Business case management

We will be there for you every step of the way, helping to make sure your business management solution installation project is a success.


Once your solution has been installed, our dedicated team will provide you with daily support on the use of Sage business management tools. When it comes time for the production phase, the project manager will outline the specificities of your file to the maintenance team at an internal meeting.


We offer comprehensive training sessions and practical work. Hosted by consultants who are experts in their field, these sessions will help you to use the software independently. Our goal is to help you to become a champion in your business.

Avec Koesio trouvez une solution de Comptabilité-Finance pour toutes les PME/ETI

An Accounting & Finance solution for all small, medium and intermediate-sized companies

Are you looking to meet legal compliance? To be more efficient in your daily business management? To save time on everyday tasks?
Sage Accounting & Finance software lets you safely manage your accounts. These tools, which are available either via the cloud or on-premises, provide a constant overview of the health of your finances, while allowing you to make changes to cash flow.
Sage software will adapt and respond to your changing needs, meaning you can look ahead to the future with confidence.

Improve Payroll-HR management with specialist software

Human Resource management tools contain features designed to make life easier for HR personnel. Time saved through the use of HR solutions can be reinvested in work with higher added-value: employee relations, assisting managers and strategic support for executive management. Payroll software automates payroll while fully respecting the legal framework. From payroll SaaS and partial outsourcing of payroll to internalised payroll management, there are a number of options available to you.

Avec Koesio améliorez votre gestion Paie-RH avec un logiciel dédié

You need a Sage business management partner you can rely on

Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

High-quality maintenance

80% of tickets resolved within the hour
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

Software training

Either remotely or on-site, from certified training providers
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

Bespoke development

For a bespoke, high-performance IT system
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

A number of convenient locations

Angers – Lyon – Nantes – Orléans
Gérez l'ensemble de vos processus métier avec un ERP grâce à Koesio

Manage all of your business processes with one business management solution

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provides a way of coordinating all of a company’s operational processes: commercial management, handling stock levels and orders, supply chain, accounting.
In a sense, it's the only business management tool your company will need. Whatever the size of your company or the sector you operate in (transport, agribusiness, trade, services, etc.), you will find a Sage solution to meet the needs of your business. Sage ERP software will help your company to keep a handle on costs, while saving time and boosting productivity.

Streamline production process management with CAPE software

CAPE software should have the following key features: bill of materials management, schedule tracking, inventory optimisation, quality control, and production line coordination and optimisation. This will enable you to plan, analyse and coordinate your company’s production processes in real-time, while making you more competitive. Sage CAPE software is perfectly suited to your context. Whether you're a small, medium or intermediate-sized business, and regardless of the sector you operate in, the software can be personalised to meet the challenges facing you.

Avec Koesio optimisez votre gestion industrielle grâce aux logiciels de GPAO
Koesio : Suivez vos projets en temps réel avec un logiciel de gestion à l'affaire de service

Track projects in real-time with business case management software for the service industry

As a service company, do you need to be able to track resources, projects and contracts? Business case management is essential for any company responsible for handling cases, projects, files - unique products with multiple points of contact. Sage business
case management software integrates perfectly with ERP, allowing you to calculate margins and profitability for business cases in real-time.

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