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Look after your clients with CRM tools

A CRM solution to every commercial or marketing challenge

Are you seeking to boost commercial production? To attract more clients and give them special treatment? To merge sales and marketing? Thankfully, a solution exists: CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM tools let you track potential clients, current clients and partners, in addition to viewing the progress of your cases and understanding the impact of your marketing projects.

In other words, they help companies to automate and work more efficiently. CRM tools let you optimise relationships with clients and become more effective when it comes to lead management. This will give you a clear overview of your business, making you better informed when it comes to taking sales and marketing decisions.

CRM for sales

CRM for marketing

There when you need us


Once your CRM has been installed, our dedicated team will be on-hand to provide daily support with Salesforce. When it comes time for the production phase, the project manager will outline the specificities of your file to the maintenance team at an internal meeting.


We offer comprehensive training sessions and practical work. Hosted by consultants who are experts in their field, these sessions will help you to use the software independently. Our goal is to help you to become a champion in your business.

Koesio : Améliorez la relation client avec un CRM

Improve relationships with clients with CRM

The commercial environment is constantly changing, and your company has to be able to adapt. CRM lets you make sure you're always where your clients are, helping you to become more responsive and more impactful in your responses. More than just a sales tool, CRM solutions can breathe new life into companies by lightening the load on the admin side of things.

CRM promotes information sharing while protecting data - you won't lose any information when an employee is absent or leaves the company. If you want to develop your company, CRM is essential.

  • Boost client satisfaction
  • Increase efficiency commercially (improved after-sales, better responsiveness, taking action at the opportune time)
  • Get closer to your clients by building relationships with them (saving their preferences, remembering their birthday, etc.)
  • Become more competitive by delivering more personalised advice and services

Boost sales with CRM for Marketing

Integrating a marketing tool into your CRM solution will help you to attract the right type of client. The more you interact with a potential client, the more you will find out about them. All of their activities will be saved in the contact history, allowing you to analyse their needs and expectations in detail.
You can also send out targeted marketing campaigns, planning and analysing them and acting accordingly.
Generate more leads through automation and a targeted approach.

Koesio: Stimulez les ventes avec un CRM Marketing

Get support from a CRM integrator

Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

High-quality maintenance

80% of tickets resolved within the hour
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

Software training

Either remotely or on-site, from certified training providers
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

Bespoke development

For a bespoke, high-performance IT system
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

A number of convenient locations

Angers – Lyon – Nantes – Orléans

How to choose a CRM ?

The CRM you need depends on your business, your organization and your objectives. Here are 4 points to look at when choosing your CRM:

  • Identify your prospecting and sales processes
  • Study the interfaces to be made with other software
  • Discern the priority and secondary functionalities of your CRM
  • Determine the objectives to be reached with your CRM software


To succeed in your CRM project, it is essential to take the time to identify the needs of each department in your company. Draw up a set of specifications that will allow you to see if the software in which you are going to invest has all the essential options or if certain specific developments are necessary.

It is up to you to define the mandatory and secondary functionalities of your CRM software.

Define the essential features for each service

CRM software is an essential tool for all companies to gain in productivity and improve their customer relations. Thanks to its different modules, this software allows an optimal approach to the customer throughout his life cycle (prospecting, sales and loyalty).

  • CRM for marketing
    In order to effectively capture your customer throughout his life cycle and to conduct a personalized communication, some CRM has a module to automate all your marketing actions (emailing, marketing automation,
  • CRM for sales
    The first role of a CRM is to centralize your customer and prospect data and manage your contacts. In a CRM each sales person can easily add contacts and organize them, visualize at a glance the sales in progress, lost or won. The Sales module allows you to carry out coherent and efficient commercial actions
  • Le CRM pour le service client
    With a CRM you also improve the loyalty of your customers by an efficient and quality service thanks to a good management of complaints and demanding customers.

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