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Improve your business with cutting-edge decision-support tools

For every Business Intelligence problem there is a Microsoft BI solution.

As a Microsoft BI partner and data expert, we can assist you in streamlining your decision-support system, helping you to structure your company’s data. Over the past few years, data has become a decisive factor in value creation and decision-support. This is when data management really comes into its own, playing a vital role in contributing to the development of small, medium and intermediate-sized companies.

Reporting & BI

BI extranet

There when you need us


Once your solution has been installed, our dedicated team will provide you with daily support on the use of BI tools. When it comes time for the production phase, the project manager will outline the specificities of your file to the maintenance team at an internal meeting.


We offer comprehensive training sessions and practical work. Hosted by consultants who are experts in their field, these sessions will help you to use the software independently. Our goal is to help you to become a champion in your business.

Dotez-vous des bons outils pour exploiter tout le potentiel de vos données avec Koesio

Get the most out of your data with the right tools

Businesses are storing and accumulating ever greater quantities of data. Everyone knows how important data is and the vital role it plays in corporate decision-making, making it essential that you have the right tools to analyse it.
An appropriate decision-support system will help to accelerate and improve decision-making, streamline internal processes, identify market trends and pinpoint challenges to overcome.

Improve communication and collaboration through data

One of the major challenges facing companies is how to overhaul the silo model. A “silo mentality” restricts the flow of information within teams, which can have a negative impact on performance. With data sharing, your entire ecosystem will have the right information at the right time: communicate with staff, simplify communication with your franchisees, get your clients more involved, inform your stakeholders quickly and easily.

Facilitez la communication et la collaboration autour de vos données avec Koesio

Get support from a BI solutions integrator

Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

High-quality maintenance

80% of tickets resolved within the hour
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Software training

Either remotely or on-site, from certified training providers
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Bespoke development

For a bespoke, high-performance IT system
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

A number of convenient locations

Angers – Lyon – Nantes – Orléans

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Our experts will answer within 48 hours and are at your disposal.
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