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Add-ons for automating your IT tasks

Make your IT system more structured and more reliable

Are you an IT manager or user of a business management solution looking for ways of automating processes?
Add-ons can help to simplify your data flows, saving you time and cutting down on human errors. This leaves you to focus on your core business and tasks with genuine added-value.

Your business is unique, and your IT system should reflect that.
Through our business expertise and our team of developers, you can connect bespoke apps to your BI and business management tools, tailored to suit your circumstances. We will help you to identify your needs and develop custom applications.

HR reporting

Financial reporting


Sage Connector

Salesforce Connector

Sage 1000 apps

There when you need us


As is the case with any project, you need to know who you can rely on. At Koesio, we are experts in Sage, MS BI and Salesforce add-ons. From initial audit and consulting to daily operations, our support staff will be there when you need them.
Delivering a winning partnership.


We offer comprehensive training sessions and practical work. Hosted by consultants who are experts in their field, these sessions will help you to use software and add-ins independently. Our goal is to help you to become a champion in your business.

Structurez vos analyses avec du reporting RH et finance avec Koesio

Make your analysis more structured with HR and finance reporting

Are you seeking to control your HR and finance data using appropriate dashboards?
Do you want a clear overview of company performance, including cash flow? A good BI reporting solution will:

> Allow you to coordinate and anticipate errors

> Give you access to performance indicators, which can be shared

> Optimise costs/stock levels and preserve cash flow

> Boost productivity

> Allow you to coordinate your HR data

Simplifying your IT system with connectors and APIs

Your various different tools regularly interact with each other and you are currently processing data (clients, suppliers, articles, entries, outstanding amounts, etc.) manually. This is a repetitive process which can be long and painstaking. Cut down on time-consuming tasks and limit the risk of error by automating data import and export between different programs (Sage, Salesforce, business software, banking, etc.)

Des connecteurs ou API pour simplifier votre SI avec Koesio

A partner you can count on

Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

High-quality maintenance 

80% of tickets resolved within the hour
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

Software training

Either remotely or on-site, from certified training providers
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

Bespoke development 

For a bespoke, high-performance IT system
Faites confiance a sage avec Koesio

A number of convenient locations

Angers – Lyon – Nantes – Orléans
intégrez l'EDI entre Sage et votre Factor

Streamline EDI relations with your factor

In this time of economic slowdown, many French companies encounter occasional cash flow issues. Factoring is a crucial aspect to financing for small, medium and intermediate-sized companies. This financing method involves transferring accounts receivable to a specialist entity known as a factor. Factoring protects you against the risk of non-payment by securing income from clients and providing you with immediate cash flow. Are you looking to work with a factoring company in order to be able to invest and continue to develop? Koesio Business Management can help to automate exchanges between your Sage accounting software and your factor.

Structure your IT system with workflows

Are you looking to structure and automate certain repetitive, time-consuming tasks while making the data in your IT system more reliable? There are a whole host of benefits to automating tasks and digitising data: reduce costs, save on processing time, limit the number of input errors, etc. E-transfer and e-reminder workflows for Sage FRP 1000 provide a rapid return on investment and are easy to get to grips with.

nos compétences numériques s'assemblent tels des puzzles
Customisez votre SI avec des développements spécifiques avec Koesio

Customise your IT system

We are here to listen to any specific needs you have in terms of customising your IT system, with web apps, forms, and BI apps, or customising your Salesforce CRM. Expertise on the following technology: C#, Angular, SQL, DSM , business objects, .net, PowerApps, Flow,, Bootstrap, Delphi, Apex.

Need advices? Any question? Any project?

Our experts will answer within 48 hours and are at your disposal.
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